Preparing your Las Vegas Air Conditioner for Spring; Call us for an Air Conditioning Inspection, Tune Up & Emergency A/C Repairs!

Spring time in Las Vegas comes all too soon. Preparing your home for the arrival of spring comes even faster. You blink and the heat is upon you. One of the things that should be checked off your “to do” list is preparing your air conditioner for use in the upcoming spring months. Doing so will help longevity, integrity and efficiency. Prolonging your air conditioners life, helps the pocket book expenses and helps the HVAC system run smoother. Improving the integrity of your air conditioner with cleaning, maintenance and simple parts replacement helps prevent long term damage and keeps your utility bills in check. With all the parts of your air conditioning system running appropriately and smoothly, your unit will do its job with little effort.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would to share some tips on getting your air conditioning unit out of dormancy.

1. Remove the outside a/c cover. If you invested in an air conditioning unit cover, take it off. These covers are meant to insulate and protect. Starting the unit while they are still in place could cause your unit to overheat.
2. Inspect exterior a/c unit. Over the course of the hibernation mode your unit endured, it has taken the brunt force of the winter months. Small animals or insects may have moved in. Dirt, leaves, sticks and other manner of debris has likely built up, and now is the time to check it out. Start with the panels. They may need a wipe down and a quick once-over to make sure everything is aligned. If panels are missing contact your HVAC professionals for replacements.
3. Air conditioner copper pipe insulation. There is a large copper pipe that is called the suction line. The suction line contributes to the supply of cool refrigerant back to the compressor to the exterior unit. If the insulation has become deteriorated or damaged during the off season, the necessary coolant won’t reach its destination and then the unit itself could malfunction or suffer a loss of energy. If the insulation is in need of replacing, now is the time to do it. Only the larger copper lines need insulation, do not insulate the smaller copper pipes.
4. Clean A/C coils outside of house. The winter debris that we touched on earlier has accumulated on the coils. The condenser coils are responsible for transferring heat, and any buildup of debris is hindering the process. To achieve superior performance of your unit, it is best to clear away any clutter, filth or vegetation from your unit.
5. Change home air filters. The interior air filters need to be changed periodically. The frequency depends on factors such as the number of occupants, the number of furry tenants, if there are smokers smoking in the home, plant life and dust control. It is best to change the filters at the start of every season, more periodically if multiple factors applies to your home.
6. Clean vents and grills. The vents and grills are a magnet for dust and other such particle contaminants. Your airflow is improved when the vents are periodically cleaned, and no obstructions are blocking the vents and grills.
7. A/C test run. Before the temperatures require the air conditioning unit from being necessary, it is a good idea to run your unit for about 10 minutes to make sure cool air is flowing, and everything appears to be running sufficiently.
8. Professional Air Conditioning Inspection. There are many things you can do for your unit on your own. But having a trusted professional conduct a professional inspection is unequaled. With our experts at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, performing an air conditioning unit inspection, you can rest easy knowing that a trusted specialist is ensuring your unit is running at high quality performance.

Call us today in Las Vegas, Summerlin North Las Vegas & Henderson to schedule your appointment for your spring time air conditioning unit inspection!