Preparation for Turning on Your Furnace in Las Vegas, NV; Cleaning Burners, Lubricating Blowers & Other Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Tips

Fall tends to fly by and before we know it it’s going to get cold. It’s a good idea to make sure your furnace is ready. Don’t let it fail you on the coldest day of the year. Imagine you’ve been outside working or playing in the crisp, cool air and you’re looking forward to getting into your warm house only to walk in and realize it’s not warm! If you’ve prepared your furnace, then you should be okay. The small price you may have to pay to get it tuned up will be far better than a major emergency repair later on down the road!

Gas Furnace Preventive Maintenance Tips

Get familiar with your furnace either by looking at the owner’s manual or looking it up on the internet.
1. To get the best performance out of your furnace make sure you’re changing the filter on a regular basis. A good way to figure out if you should change the filter is to shine a flashlight through it. If you can’t see the light very well then its clogged with dirt and debris. If you have a clean filter, then it’s easier for your furnace to function.
2. The cleaner the furnace is the better it will function. Check the burners for dirt or rust flakes and clean them if needed.
3. The front blower needs to be lubricated. If the blower is making noises that sound like bad brakes, then you need to take care of it. The blower is a very important part of your heating system.
4. After you have performed these tasks you should schedule a tune-up. All the parts will be inspected and cleaned. Any connections that need to be tightened will be tightened and all the controls will also be checked to ensure they are functioning properly.
5. Checking the thermostat and making sure it’s working properly will allow for efficient operation. It should start right up as soon as you turn it on. If it takes too long to start there may be an issue with it.

Home Furnace Inspection

You should also make sure to check on other areas of your home before the cold winter weather arrives. Take a look around your home and seal any areas that may allow warm air to escape and cold air to get in. Check your windows, doors and the weather stripping. It’s possible to lose as much as 25% of the warm air in your home out the windows and the doors. You can then look at all the heating vents throughout the home and make sure they’re open and there are no blockages. The air flow will be hampered by blocked vents. Blocked heating vents equal higher heating bills. Humidifiers are a good way to add moisture to your home in the cold, dry winters. It’s also beneficial to your health making cold symptoms less severe and will also put a stop to viruses that can thrive in the winter.

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Save yourself the aggravation and inconvenience of a furnace malfunction when you least expect it and have it looked at by Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact us today to schedule your fall tune up!