Portable Window Evaporative “Swamp” Coolers VS Central A/C Units in the Las Vegas NV Desert? Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors for Service on Both!

Evaporative or Swamp coolers are typically used in dryer climates to cool homes and other building structures and they rely heavily on water evaporation to cool the air successfully. The air that is cooled from the swamp cooler is pulled through the building structure and blown outside through a window or ceiling ducts. One of the main reasons swamp coolers have become a popular choice for some home owners is due to the fact that they are considerably less expensive than an air conditioning unit and if they are not working properly, they can be repaired for a small cost by a professional.

Common Portable Air Conditioner Problems – No Power

Just like other major appliances, swamp coolers sometimes fail to work properly, so it is important to know exactly what to look for so you know what type of repair is necessary and what type of cost you can expect for this specific type of repair. Swamp coolers require a power source to cool your home, and if your swamp cooler is not turning on, chances are that it is not receiving power. Check your swamp coolers power source if it is not running well, or not running at all. Window swamp coolers require a wall outlet for its power source. If the swamp cooler is not working, it may be due to a faulty wall outlet that is not working properly.

Swamp Cooler Not Blowing Cool Air

If your swamp cooler is turning on but is failing to blow out a sufficient flow of cool air, you may want to inspect the belt. The belt of your swamp cooler runs off of the motor to turn the unit’s fan. If your belt has slipped, broken, torn or dried out, it will result in your swamp cooler not blowing air. This can also result in your swamp coolers motor getting blown out or over run. Perform regular inspections on your swamp cooler to avoid breaks like a fan belt or other issues that can be easily repaired before they have the chance to cause a great deal of damage.

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While you are inspecting the belt of your swamp cooler, it is also a great idea to take a close look at the pads. If the pads have a lot of mineral deposits or they are not very clean, it is a good idea to replace your swamp cooler’s pads. Pads that are encrusted will not absorb water well, which means your swamp cooler will not perform at its maximum ability. If you are experiencing difficulties with your swamp cooler or central air conditioning unit, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.