One Room in My Silverado Ranch, NV House is Colder than the Rest; Leaky Ductwork Fixes & More

Is there a room in your house that is always freezing cold now that the cold weather has settled in? It can be so frustrating to be unable to keep your home at a balanced temperature. There are different things that you can do to get all of the rooms in your home to stay at the temperature that you want. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning wants to walk you through some of the common problems that could be causing your problem.

Leaky Ductwork Airflow Problems

One of the most common culprits of temperature imbalances is caused by ductwork inefficiencies. The ductwork in your home could be the wrong size. If the ductwork is the wrong size for your home your airflow is affected. Leaky ductwork can also be the reason for the freezing cold room in your home. The Environmental Protecting Agency reports that 20-30% of your air can be lost due to leaky ductwork. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning actually has found that many times leaky ductwork can result in an even larger percentage of air being lost. If you are losing a large percentage of air you are definitely spending more on your heating and air conditioning than you need to.

No Heat Coming out of Vents in One Room?

Sometimes the fix for your freezing cold room is as simple as opening your air vents. If the air vents in the room are closed the air will not come into the room where they are closed. Sometimes people think that closing air supply vents will save them money on their heating and cooling bills. This is not accurate. We recommend that you always leave your air vents and registers completely open and unobstructed. If the air vent blows onto a spot that you do not love you can buy an air vent deflector so that the air can be blown in another spot.

Poor Insulation

Poor insulation can be another reason that you have a cold room. Homeowners assume that all of the rooms in their house have the same amount of insulation but that is not always the case. Sometimes when the home is built one room ends up with less insulation for whatever reason. Older homes will frequently not have as much insulation as newer homes. Adding more insulation to your home can make a large difference.

Heat Loss Through Windows

Windows are a spot where the air that is heating or cooling your house can escape through. If you have the heater on in the winter and you have windows that are not tightly sealed the air from the heater can leak out through your window and leave your room cold still. You can seal and weather strip your windows to help fix the leaks. You can also think about upgrading to more energy efficient windows. Upgrading can be expensive but you can save quite a bit of money on your energy bills with new windows.

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Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning hopes that some of these tips help you with your freezing cold room this winter. If you need us to come out and take a look at your ducts to see if we can help you with your ductwork or provide any other HVAC service, give us a call.