Oil & Gas Forced Air Furnace Heater Efficiency & Heating Ratings in Lone Mountain Village, NV

Cold weather is officially here and everyone in Las Vegas is beginning to bundle up to keep warm from the sometimes extreme low temperatures that come with this time of year. Many home owners rely on a furnace to keep their home a safe haven from the cold air outside. Furnaces are a great way to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter, and keep your family comfortable as well. There are generally two different types of furnaces to choose from when it comes to keeping your home warm. These two types of furnaces are an oil furnace and an electric furnace.

Oil Furnace Ratings

While oil furnaces can be a little bit more expensive to run than other options, they do provide a maximum amount of warmth and comfort to a home. An oil furnace converts oil to heat by pumping the oil into the furnace where it is turned into a mist, sprayed through the blast tube and ignited. The fine droplets mixed with the air allow it to burn extremely efficiently. The flame that is ignited heats the air within a heat exchanger and the combusted gasses exit through a flue or chimney. Air from within the house is pulled through the ductwork, passed the heat exchanger and back out of the vents within the house.

Electric Furnace Efficiency

If having oil delivered to your home is not an option, an electric furnace may be the right choice for you and your home. Most everyone in the United States has easy access to electricity, an electric furnace has may benefits, the most important being that your home will be kept warm throughout the winter. For homeowners who are working hard to leave a small carbon footprint on the earth, an electric furnace can also be connected to solar paneling, which will lessen your electric bill and save a great deal of energy all while keeping you and your family warm.

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Just like all other appliances, oil and electric furnaces can have some problems while working hard throughout the winter to keep your home warm. Regular maintenance on your furnaces is a must to ensure that they work properly and to their maximum ability all winter long. Oil and gas furnaces can be dangerous to deal with if you are not familiar with how they work. If you are experiencing difficulties with your oil or gas furnace, contact a professional immediately to assist you in professional repair. If your electric furnace is simply not turning on, it is time to call in the assistance of a professional technician to get your electric furnace working properly again. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for the best furnace maintenance available.