Need to Relocate AC Condenser Unit in Centennial, NV? How Far Can Air Conditioner Be Moved from House & More

During the heat of the summer, all of us are singing praises to our AC units for keeping us cool even though it is in the triple digits outside. The average homeowner can count on their AC system lasting between 15-20 years before they are facing replacement. During this time, there can be a lot of changes that take place in a house. Many remodels and improvements as the homeowners find what works best for their families. This may leave homeowners wanting to move their outdoor AC units for a number of reasons. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about why homeowners should pause and think about it before they make this move.

Cost to Move AC Unit to Other Side of House

Many people don’t see their outside AC unit as an appliance. That’s exactly what it is. However, many of the appliances inside your home can be moved easier than your outside AC unit. There are several reasons why moving this appliance can be a much larger job than most homeowners realize. The first thing is that the appliance is a heavy one. It is difficult to move simply because of its size and weight. The next hurdle is the new location. You need to realize that the area that you put your outdoor unit needs to be completely level. This is why they are never simply sitting on the ground. Concrete needs to be poured so that it is 100% level. Aside from those two things, you are facing things like electrical that needs to be moved, refrigerant lines, fragile cables and more that should be considered when moving your AC unit.

Howto Relocate AC Condenser

Before you start thinking about moving this on your own, stop right there. Moving your outside unit is one that should definitely be handled by a professional. When the unit is moved, all the refrigerant needs to be pumped out of the system. Refrigerant can be a dangerous thing when it isn’t handled properly. Another hurdle is moving the electrical wires. This should always be done by a professional that has the training and experience needed to handle electrical systems.

How to Hide Air Conditioner Outside

Most people that want to move their outside AC unit want to do so because of aesthetics. There are many things you can do to hide your unit with your landscaping though.
– Plant Trees: Trees and shrubs are great for hiding an outdoor unit. They also add beauty to your landscaping as well as shade.
– Fence: You can also build a fence around the unit that will completely cover it and make it look simply like a box. Fences can look much more appealing than an AC unit.
– Rock/Succulent Garden: Another favorite among those that live in the desert is a rock or succulent garden around the unit to hide it from view. This a low maintenance option that adds significant beauty.

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