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When you come home and realize the moment you open the front door that your AC unit is not working, it always seems like an emergency. The same can be said if you start to notice that the heater just hasn’t kicked on yet but it is getting pretty cold. There are some reasons that your A/C may not be running that can be a quick fix and may not actually be an emergency that you need to get a technician out. You might have forgotten to turn on the switch to the type of air you want. You could have set the temperature for a higher degree to warm it up and left it on cool mode. You could also have set your programmable thermostat incorrectly and it is not turning on when you want it to. The unit could also have stopped working because of the breaker has been tripped and the electrician current has stopped running to the unit. If you have taken these quick checks and still the unit is not on, you may actually be in need of emergency air conditioner repair services.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared a couple of reasons that you may be in need of a company that offers emergency services.

Extreme Heat or Cold: If you live in a place that has extreme temperatures and you have an AC unit stop working, you are in need of an emergency service! There are places that the heat or cold can reach temperatures that are considered dangerous and you are advised to be in a place that has working air conditioning or heating. If you find yourself during either of these times of year, you need to contact a local HVAC company that offers emergency services to come out anytime day or night to make diagnostic HVAC repairs and make your home a place that you and your family can stay safely.

Short Cycling: When your unit is short cycling it means that your unit is turning on and off rapidly even though it has not reached the temperature that it is set to. This makes the unit have a lot of strain that will cause the unit to go out. The reasons that your unit could be short cycling are endless and only a trained technician can come out and inspect the unit to come up with the correct diagnosis.

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