Myths & Facts About Central Air Conditioning in The Lakes, NV; Will Fans Cool a Room Down & More

The air conditioning unit is part of a system in your home that has become very necessary. The AC unit is a huge part of the comfort that we all have become used to. The heat outside in the spring and summer can start to be uncomfortable and that is why it is important to have a space to cool off. Your home is that space as long as you have an air conditioner that is running well and working efficiently. The AC is an appliance and just like any appliance it is important to know how to use it and what is the best way to care for it. The problem is that there are things that you might think are true about your air conditioning unit that can be damaging. You want to make sure that the information that you use is not bad and that you know why it is important to change it. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has what you need to know about your air conditioner.

Will Fans Cool a Room Down?

A lie that you may think is true about your air conditioner is that you don’t need to use it as much if you have ceiling fans and stand fans. The lie is that the fans will cool the air down in the house. The fan has no component that will cool the air down at all. The reason that you may think it helps to cool you down is that if you have sweat it will hit the moisture and this will cause a chill. The air is being circulated in the room that the fan is in but the fact is that the air is not being cooled at all. The air conditioner will still need to be able to work and cool the air but the fan will only circulate.

Does Closing Vents Help Cool Other Rooms

There are always rooms in your house that seem to be used less or not much as all. The lie that you may believe is that if you are not using the rooms it is best to close the vents. All the rooms in the house have a vent that will send the air that your air conditioner is working to cool. The vents in each and every room should remain open. When you close off any of the vents you are allowing that room to become warmer in temperature and the air is still being circulated. Although the room will stay warmer it will actually bring the temperature in the house up with it. The air conditioner will have to work more than it would if you just keep all the vents open.

Will a Bigger Air Conditioning Unit Cool Better?

We all know the saying the bigger that better. When it comes to air conditioning units that is a lie. The size of the unit that you have on your home should be measured out and be specific. If you have a unit that is too large for your space it will not cool the house faster but the unit will burn out faster. It will run the air and cool quickly but have to do that more often. The motor will die so it is best to have a unit that is the right size for the square footage of your house.

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