Most Common Central Air Conditioning Problems in Las Vegas NV; Faulty Wiring, Low Refrigerant & Broken Thermostats. Calling the A/C Contractors at Air Supply is the Solution!

The air flow within your home should always be clean, reliable and steady. Your air conditioning unit can fall victim to many different situations and that will end up affecting the efficiency of your system. Cool air flowing into your home is a must when it comes to creating a level of comfort, so when something goes wrong with your air conditioner, you will feel its effect directly. Keeping your home comfortable and providing an environment to relax in for your family improves the standard of living for everyone. An air conditioning unit that fails to perform properly can be frustrating and make your home extremely uncomfortable. Keeping your unit in the best shape possible will lessen the chances of your system running into any problems!

Faulty Wiring Can Cause Your Air Conditioning Unit to Malfunction

There are a handful of common problems that can happen to make your air conditioning system fail to work properly. One of the more common problems that occur is faulty wiring. Wiring on an air conditioning unit that is spotty, haphazard or uncertified is extremely risky and can even a possible fire hazard. Poor quality wiring can prevent the system from getting power or can even end up tripping a circuit breaker. Contact a professional A/C technician to perform an inspection to ensure that the wiring on your system is in good shape.

Low Refrigerant Can Cause Your Air Conditioning Unit to Malfunction

When you’re A/C blows out air that is not cooled it can be frustrating, never able to reach the temperature that you have set on your thermostat. The biggest reason that the air isn’t being cooled is a result of low refrigerant. Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your air conditioning system. When the level of refrigerant in your system is low, your air will not feel as cool as normal. A professional A/C technician will get your refrigerant levels back to where they need to be.

A Broken Thermostat Can Cause Your Air Conditioning Unit to Malfunction

Another common problem that home owners run into with their air conditioning is that their thermostat is not working properly. The location of your thermostat is very important. If your thermostat is located in an area that receives direct sunlight, your thermostat temperature will register hotter than what the air temperature in your home is, making your unit run constantly. This will raise your energy costs and possible burn out your system.

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