More Need to Know Air Conditioning Facts in Las Vegas, NV; Air Ducts are an Extension to A/C System, SEER Ratings, Ventilation & More

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning have previously shared the top five things we feel consumers should know about air conditioning units. Now, we would like to list five additional facts we feel every air conditioner consumer should be aware of.

More Facts to Know About Central Air Conditioners

6. Ducts are a major extension to the air conditioner. If the air conditioner seems to be at fault for not keeping up with the demand of cooler temperatures, the problem is often the due to a leak in the air duct system. Air duct leaks can increase your energy consumption to 20%-40%, even on a top-rated energy efficient model. Ensuring your air ducts are not at fault is important for reducing the wear and tear on your unit, decrease utility bill, as well as maintaining optimal indoor temperatures. Professionals can easily repair a leaky air duct, however, insulation around the air duct is equally needed and should be assessed as well.
7. Maintain air filters & a/c unit to improve energy efficiency. In addition to ensuring the air ducts are fully operational, you can improve the energy efficiency by properly maintaining the filters, keep the coils clean and free of debris buildup, and control the right amount of airflow and the correct charge. Ensure the outdoor condenser is not obstructed from proper air flow and is free of debris like leaves, sticks, dirt, and so on. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating – SEER Rating. If you are looking into an air conditioning replacement service pay attention to the SEER rating, or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. A unit with a SEER rating of 13 is the minimum you should consider, but the higher the number the better the energy efficiency. It will also help determine the most optimal unit for your climate with the EER or Energy Efficiency Rating.
8. Avoid Over Exertion of Your AC Unit. You can help your air conditioner avoid over exertion by minimizing the size of the load.
– The building envelope, including increasing insulation levels, shading windows, and reducing air leakage should be improved. Many of these improvements are extremely beneficial to the air conditioner, but can be a costly investment; however the return over the following years is well worth it.
– If your home is need of a roof replacement, consider the “cool roofing” and install new windows that are energy friendly.
– Internal loads are simpler; for starters ensure the electrical appliances that are not being used are switched off, as well as lights and other equipment.
– Utilize the exhaust fans to remove the heat and humidity that is frequently produced in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
– As appliances need to replaced, buy Energy Star products.
9. Ventilate. As most of our list contributes to the air conditioner serving its primary function of cooling, air conditioners can do so much more. As the ideal unit can not only cool, but heat, humidify, dehumidify, and ventilate to ensure indoor comfort and support healthy environments. Where all attributes are optimal, the secondary function of the air conditioner should be adequate ventilation capabilities. Without sufficient ventilation, the contaminates found indoors can pose health concerns and discomfort. Depending on the building’s design, ASHRAE strongly recommends a ventilation exchange once every four hours.
10. Heat isn’t always the issue. Sometimes people focus too much on the heat, when often the humidity control is the actual problem that is still rectified by the air conditioner. Humidity control problems can lead to mold growth and other problems that can contribute to health and discomfort issues. Modern air conditioners inadvertently dehumidify as they cool, but it cannot independently control the cool air and humidity levels. To help control the humidity you can start by avoiding setting your thermostat fan on setting on. Be sure to utilize the exhaust fans where you can.

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