Millennials Prefer Buying Homes with High End Air Conditioning Systems or are Upgrading in Providence, NV

The HVAC industry has noted a large growth in popularity for higher end air conditioning units in a market that is largely influenced by basic systems! More and more millennials are buying fixer-uppers or pre-owned homes that are in need of a new HVAC system. When it’s time for them to replace their older units, they are now opting for the higher end, more technologically advanced systems. Times are changing, and people are opting for more convenience. In a world that is now dominated by smart technology, it would make sense to say that people want their A/C units to keep up with their lifestyle. Just about everything in our homes can be controlled via smart device. Having an HVAC system that can link with smart home hubs is a game changer in today’s market and millennials are responding by purchasing them! What’s the secret? Why are more and more millennials opting for these higher priced systems?

Central Air Conditioning Convenience

In today’s world, millennials are working an average of 47 hours or more each week and are taking less vacations than any other generation, according to This means they are always on the go with little time to spare, so convenience is in high demand and millennials are willing to pay for it! Smart home features make life simpler and less time consuming. Being able to connect your HVAC system to your smart home devices means you have control in the palm of your hand! Newer A/C systems come equipped with features that reduce the noise they emit, making your home a much quieter place. Compressor sound blankets, Swept-wing fan blades, insulated furnace cabinets and many other upgrades will keep these systems much quitter than older, clunkier units!

Zone Control, Improved Indoor Air Quality, Higher Efficiency

With a state-of-the-art air conditioning system, you get improved efficiency and better indoor air quality than previous, basic models. They limit the amount of dust, pollen, bacteria, allergens and mold from entering your home, making it a healthier environment for you and your family! Newer systems can be run from geothermal or solar energy entirely! Variable capacity A/C units have the ability to deliver optimal comfort within your home. Precise temperature control means your system won’t have large temperature swings and the system won’t cycle frequently! Zone control allows the homeowner to cool the most used areas of the home to their desired temperatures, while less used areas can be programmed to another temperature that will save energy and lower monthly utility costs! They also control humidity levels more efficiently than older units!

Upgrading Central AC System Improves Home Value

Everything you put into your home either increases or decreases its value. Here in Las Vegas, the A/C unit can make or break the sale of a home. Millennials are conscious of their future and want to invest in themselves. By adding a higher-end A/C unit to their homes, you are instantly increasing the value of your home. A well installed, high end A/C unit can on average, about 16 years, making these systems vital components of our homes.

Environmentally Conscious

More than any other generation, millennials value their health, the environment and convenience. They will likely shop with a company who has the same values they do. Newer systems are more environmentally friendly than older, outdated units.

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