Low Airflow Through Vents in House; Air Ducts Can Be a Cause of Central HVAC Problems in Silverado Ranch, NV

There are a number of different problems that occur with your home’s HVAC system. Whether you’re enduring Southern Nevada’s dreadful summer, or trying to hide out the winter, you will want make to make sure your home HVAC unit is working properly. However even after your HVAC unit passes inspection without any problems, the trouble some homes have is actually within their air duct system. The air ducts are the veins of a home or building. Without a properly working air duct system, the conditioned air can’t circulate through the building. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some signs that your air duct system has problems that can affect your entire home.

Signs of Air Duct Problems

It is difficult to know when your air ducts are having problems. Nearly all the air ducts inside our homes are hidden inside the ceiling or within the walls. This makes it difficult to know if there is a leak in the air ducts or other problems, such as clogs or blockages. Because we can’t see the air ducts, it is important to know what signs to look for to know if there is a problem. Below are some of the signs that your air duct system may have a problem.
Uneven cooling or heating throughout the home or building. Pay attention to hot or cold spots that may be found throughout the home. Infrequent hot or cold spots aren’t typically a problem. However, if certain areas seem to be constantly affected this could indicate there is a leak in the air ducts.
When there is poor indoor air quality that affects the home. Poor indoor air quality can affect a room or the entire home. If you are not sensitive to allergies, one way to know if you have poor indoor air quality is dust. If you frequently dust or clean your home, yet there always seems to be fresh dust everywhere, this is another sign of air duct problems. Sometimes the cause is a leak in your air duct system which can pull in pollutants and dust from outside. When the HVAC unit is running it pushes the dirt inside your home causing the frequent dust.
Higher utility bills throughout the year. Especially during the summer and winter seasons, we depend on our HVAC system to keep our homes comfortable. During these times our utility bills are at their highest. However, if they seem higher than normal, this could indicate a problem. If your air duct system has a leak or a blockage somewhere, this causes the HVAC unit to work harder which then results in a higher utility bill. It is important to monitor your energy bills and compare them from year to year. This way when your bill spikes up your aware there is a problem.

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If your home seems to be suffering from any one of these problems and you know your HVAC system is working fine, have your air duct systems checked. Most HVAC companies provide air duct inspection services and are typically done during an HVAC maintenance check. However, in case the air duct gets overlooked, or you haven’t had your system serviced, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. We can maintain your home’s entire HVAC system including your air ducts.