Las Vegas NV Air Conditioner & Furnace HVAC Emergencies – Broken Home Thermostats, No Power & Fan Not Working

Keeping your home comfortable is a must, especially during extreme temperatures that occur throughout specific times of the year. A heating or air conditioning emergency can happen anytime, and usually happens when no one is prepared for it. While there are many different variables when it comes to causing a malfunction with your air conditioning unit or heat pump, some occur more often than others. There are a few signs to look out for so you can avoid the shock of your system failing to work properly. By being proactive, you can eliminate heating and air conditioning emergencies within your home.

Broken Home Thermostat

If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt much too warm or much too cold, then you know immediately that there must be a serious issue going on with your air conditioning or heating system. One of the main causes of these situations lays on the condition of your thermostat. The thermostat in your home is the main controlling system for how often and how hard your unit works. When your thermostat goes out, your whole entire system goes out as well. Your home will not have any heating or cooling without a properly functioning thermostat. While a broken thermostat can cause extreme uncomfortable conditions in your home, they are normally inexpensive to repair or replace.

Air Conditioner or Furnace has No Power

Your air conditioning and heating system is a major appliance that assists in making your house a home. Just like any other appliance, it requires a great deal of power to run, and to run properly. If your unit is not receiving the appropriate power, or worse, no power at all, then you have got an emergency on your hands. This is a great time to call in the help of a professional A/C technician to thoroughly inspect your unit and find out why it is not receiving power. Normally this situation occurs when a fuse is blown out and can be easily repaired.

HVAC Fan Not Working

If you turn your system on, yet you are not feeling any air flow coming through your vents, but you can hear your system powering on, then you may be dealing with a faulty fan. The fan on your unit is responsible for a steady air flow into your home. A broken fan will prevent your unit from circulating air for both heating and cooling. A broken fan requires an emergency call to your professional HVAC technician.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your HVAC unit, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for emergency air conditioner or furnace repairs and preventive maintenance.