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Parts of an Air Conditioning System

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, Nevada takes every opportunity to extend our customer service online for our commercial and residential customers locally and in surrounding areas and beyond. Understanding the parts involved in the central air conditioning is important in an effort to identify any potential problems.

AC Condenser

The condenser is the unit of your air conditioning system that is found outside. It is typically round or square-shaped that sits outside on the ground, often on its own concrete perch. The condenser, being an essential part the air conditioning system, releases the heat that is absorbed by the refrigerant into the atmosphere. Refrigerant begins as a vapor as it enters the condenser and is then transformed into a liquid as it flows through the condenser and condenser coils while it cools.

AC Compressor

The compressor is a large air conditioning component that isn’t visible, located within the condenser. The compressor aids the condenser by changing the high pressure vapor into a liquid by increasing the refrigerant’s pressure adequately.

Air Conditioner Lineset

Lineset is a reference to the copper lines that transport either liquid or gas refrigerant from one component to the next in the cycle and run between the outdoor and indoor portions of your unit.

AC Expansion Valve

The expansion valve assists the evaporator very much like the compressor assists the condenser by adjusting the pressure of the refrigerant. The expansion valve lessens the pressure of the liquid refrigerant to ensure it can turn back into a gas inside of the evaporator.

AC Evaporator

The evaporator, which is found inside the top of your air conditioning system, essentially functions opposite of the condenser. Through the lineset, cooler liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator from the condenser and is met with lower pressure. Following this procedure, the liquid refrigerant changes back into a gas to absorb heat from the air around it, producing the cool air the inside of your home. The gas refrigerant then makes its way back to the condenser and the cycle repeats to maintain the comfortable temperatures in your home.

Other Air Conditioner Components

There are additional parts concerning commercial and residential central air conditioning in the Greater Las Vegas, NV area that should also be mentioned, and they include the following:
– The thermostat monitors the temperature set for your home or business and sustains or initiates the cooling process according to your settings.
– The air filter helps trap any pollen, pet dander, dust or other particles from being re-circulated when your air conditioning system pulls in air for cooling. The filter keeps these particles out of your air and system is vital to the unit’s function.

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