Keeping the Summer Heat Transfer out of your Las Vegas Home

When you are waiting through the freezing cold winter praying for those hot summer days, you have probably forgotten about the mid-summer heat waves we experience every year in Las Vegas. When the summer is in full force it seems like it will never end and the cycle to keep a place like your home cool begins. You start by keeping your air conditioning set to a comfortable temperature, but what you don’t know is that you could be letting the heat from outside in and making it near impossible to keep the house cooled off.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has some tips that you can try to keep the heat out this summer season:

NO SUN: You obviously cannot stop the sun from rising but there are some things that you can do to keep sun from baking through your windows. When the sun comes through the windows and doors it is radiating heat and heating up all the surfaces that it touches. This can cause more heat than you think in your home and can cause your unit to run overtime. There are several options to keep the light out such as blinds that stay shut and window tint that is polarized to reflect the sun off. You can also purchase blackout curtains that can remove almost all the light from the sun.

SEAL IT UP: Each of the rooms in your home has either windows or doors. This is where a lot of the extra outdoor heat is coming from. Even if you have the blinds pulled, the heat is still coming in. We have all been told to “close the door; your letting all the cool air out”, but did you know that the hot air can come in too? The weather stripping that is along each window can become worn and broken. When this happens the heat from outside makes its way in and causes that particular room to heat up. You can purchase weather stripping that can be used on the windows and doors from most hardware stores. This can help seal off the spaces where hot air is coming in and causing the room to heat up.

RUN APPLIANCES AT NIGHT: The amount of heat that comes from drying one load of clothes is enough to make a room feel extra hot. The dryer uses heated air to dry the clothing and that air does leak out of the appliance and into the rooms that surround it. The dishwasher is another appliance that uses heat to sanitize and dry the dishes. It is always a good idea to run appliances such as these at night when the temperature has cooled off and can allow the air conditioning unit an easier time keeping the temperature you want.

Professional Air Conditioning Inspections, Tune-ups & Repairs in Las Vegas NV

If you have tried all these tips to stop the heat from getting in and you still are having trouble you can call a professional. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has inspection services that can help find areas of concern and we can make the necessary repairs.