July is a Las Vegas, NV Heat Wave; AC Maintenance & Other Tips to Beat the Hot Temperatures this Summer

Anyone living in the Las Vegas desert knows all too well the scorching temperatures that blaze down on the valley can be intense, uncomfortable, and simply unbearable. Seasoned natives and newly arrived residents often debate whether living in Sin City is really worth the summer trade off. But here we still are, trying to find ways to survive the 2-3 month stretch of a 100 and hell degree summers. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning relate some tips on helping the locals and visitors to Las Vegas, NV beat the heat this summer.

Staying Cool Outside in the Las Vegas Desert During Hot Weather

If you need to be outside: Before we get into the helpful steps to keep your home cool without paying a fortune for it, we would like to briefly share some tips to keep you functioning while traversing the outdoors in the excessive heat.
1. Always hydrate. Before you even realize it, your body can become dehydrated. It is a matter of survival you carry a cool water bottle to sip on throughout the day. Don’t forget the skin. Your lips and skin suffer in the dry heat as well. Be sure to lube the lips with a lip moisturizer that also has an SPF in it. Apply a moisturizer and a sun block with strength agreeable to your skin type.
2. Stick to the shade. It is always cooler in the shadows. Whenever possible, chose the parking spot under shade, even if it means sacrificing a few bird blemishes. As you walk, try to do so in shaded areas.
3. Never leave children or animals in a parked car. Even if you think you’ll only be a few minutes, in this escalated heat, the car gets even hotter. After just 10 minutes, your pet or child can suffer dramatically. Unless there are drinkable liquids and the a/c is left on, do not leave them in the car.

Tips for Staying Cool Inside; Maintain Your Air Conditioner & More

Keep your home cooler without high cost: Keeping your home comfortable shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We have a few tips to run your air conditioner with draining your bank account.
1. Insulate your windows. The windows are one of the primary sources to leaking air. Getting the insulated can prevent heat from coming in, and greatly reduce the excursion of your HVAC systems and retain more cool air. If you notice crack or gaps along the frame, repair with caulk or sealant.
2. Doors need sealing. You may need Weather stripping, door sweeps and draft guards. Check to see if you can see some gaps or notice a draft around closed doors.
3. Avoid too much heat inducing appliance operations. Dryers, stoves, and ovens are examples of appliances that produce heat when in operation. Try to avoid using them at once and all day long.
4. Invest in a home energy audit. A professional expert will inspect your home to find any wasted energy sources.
5. HVAC professional maintenance and tune up. If you are overdue, get a professional to perform a maintenance and tune up service, to mend any slight problems, clean the system and ensure no major catastrophes are in sight.
6. Air conditioner replacement. If your air conditioning unit has reached its end, consider getting a replacement. As a/c units come close to retirement, their efficiency is greatly reduced.

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To get your home ready for the impending doom of the hot Vegas summer, call on Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to help with the services to get your home cool and energy efficient.