Is Your Outdoor AC Unit Waterproof or Can it Get Damaged By Rain or a Flood in Boulder City, NV?

There are changes in the weather on a regular basis. You might have days of sunshine followed by some clouds or even rain. The weather is commonly consistent throughout the seasons and each season has some elements that are usual. The summer brings lots of heat and sun while the winter can have frigid temperatures with moisture from rain and even snow. You want to make sure you know what you need to be doing to keep your HVAC protected and in good working condition. When it comes to your unit there is a large piece of it that is outdoors and can be exposed to all the elements from the weather. You might be wondering if the rain can cause damage to the unit that is outside. The rain is sneaky and can drip and leak all over and in-between any cracks. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines whether rain can cause damage to your HVAC unit.

Is Outdoor AC Unit Waterproof?

When it comes to the rain it is something that can cause damage to some things. If you leave your window open on your car it will soak the seat. If it gets in a gap in the house it can cause water damage to the building. When it comes to the rain it can get all over the HVAC unit that is outdoors and that might seem like a bad idea. The great thing is that with standard rain the unit is protected and will not be damaged. It has been manufactured to withstand the rain and not allow it to get in any area that are not to get wet. It is intended to be outdoors and that is why you can rest easy when the rain starts to fall.

When AC Unit is Submerged in Water it Can Get Flooded

When it comes to rain a standard amount is not something you need to worry about. The rain usually has a way of moving away from the home. It also will soak into the ground instead of pooling up. That does not mean that water cannot cause damage. You could be in a place that has so much heavy rain that it has began to flood. The flooding means that the water level is rising and if it happens to go over and submerge the compressor. This will cause it to have a short and damage the unit. You want to make sure you shut off the unit if you think that flooding is going to occur.

Lightning Strike to Air Conditioner

Along with rain there is also lots of wind and lightning accompanied by thunder. The rain is not the big concern but the lightning can be. The lightning can be attracted to metal and if your unit is hit it can fry the electrical components and stop the unit from working. This might require the unit needing to be replaced.

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