Is your Las Vegas NV Home Losing Cool Air in Summer and Warm Air in Winter?

One of the most used appliances in your home is the air conditioning unit. It is running and being used 365 days a year. There are almost no days that the unit is turned off completely. It is either working to get our homes cooler or warmer than it is outside. Not only is your air conditioner one of the hardest working appliances, it is also one of the most expensive ones to replace. If your unit goes out, it is a large investment but will usually last you over 10 years. The other part about an air conditioning unit is that it uses the majority of the energy in your home.

You could be wasting a lot of energy if you don’t go through a few of these steps that Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has listed for you.

Weather Stripping: One way that the air in your home is leaking out is through the doors and windows. Not through the glass of course, but through the edges that are usually installed with some weather stripping. The weather stripping is not meant to last forever so it must be replaced on occasion. When the weather stripping is dried or cracked it will allow the air to get out and the outside air in. You can make these repairs on your own by purchasing the weather stripping from a home improvement store.

Blinds: Blinds are an important part of keeping a room cooled. When the sun is able to freely come through a window during the hot summer months, it is heating up the area around it and causing the room to feel hotter. When you put up blinds make sure that you are using them to cover the window; especially if that particular window gets sunlight.

Air Filters: If you have a dirty air filter you can actually be wasting energy. This is because a dirty filter will stop the amount of air that is being returned to the unit and in turn makes the unit work longer to cool or heat the air and deliver it to the house. This is an easy fix because you can get air filters at many types of stores that fit your return air register. It is best to have the filter replaced every month to ensure your unit is not working harder than it needs to.

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