Is Your HVAC System Cauing Excessive Dust in Your Green Valley Ranch, NV House?

Many Las Vegans know that living in the desert entails dealing with the dust. But what people may not realize is that the much of the excessive dust is contributed by the HVAC system. With safe and effective solutions, you can minimize that issue that will not only reduce the dust buildup in your home, but also enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to discuss this topic in an effort to help you cut down on the dust.

How to Stop Dust Coming Out of Your Vents & Making Your HVAC Dirty

Change Air Filters: Looking for the source of the dusty home starts at the filter. HVAC system filters should be inspected monthly and either replaced or cleaned, depending on the type of filter, when they are dirty. Shedding pets contribute to the problem, so if you have them in excess, be sure to replace the filters more frequently. When the filter becomes clogged, the dust in the air can no longer get trapped on the filter, permitting the dust to settle on other surfaces throughout the home, including the living space. Keep in mind the filters are not all designed equally, they have a MERV rating and the higher the rating, the better they are at retaining smaller particles. Ensure when you replace the filter it is fitted correctly and it is the proper size, or the dust will freely travel in your home.
Cleaning Air Ducts: Leaky ductwork is another common contributor to dust in homes in excess. Unfortunately, it is a challenge for people to inspect the ducts on their own. Dusty areas in the attic space; and basement where applicable, can develop when the ducts have gaps that have evolved due to age, damage, poor quality, faulty installation, and other issues. The gaps allow dust to flow past the filter, which is then dispersed in various locations of your home. Instead of trying to inspect the ducts, look at the vents in your home, if the fins or around the fins have an accumulation of dust, you likely have leaky ducts. Inefficient temperatures or patchy cool and warm areas could as well as high energy bills could also be an indication of leak ducts. If you suspect leaky ducts, call in a professional for an in depth inspection.
Humidifiers: Drier climates in addition to generally moist climates that have drier winters can experience excessive dust. Dust flows freely through dry air, and will travel much farther through an HVAC system as opposed to humid places where the dust has a better opportunity of getting trapped in the filters. Living in dry areas, such as the Vegas desert for example, can be very beneficial to consider a whole-home humidifier, which will not only help reduce the dust, but also offer more protection for wood furniture, trim and other wood elements in the home from becoming brittle. Though these solutions won’t eliminate the dust issue, it can help reduce the volume of dust in your home. Another simple trick is when you set out to dust your home is to set your thermostat’s fan setting to “On”. A clean filter will trap the dust you kick up during the dusting process and help a lot of it from resettling. Just don’t forget when you are done dusting to reset the thermostat to “Auto”.

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