Is the Central Air Conditioner Broken in Your Providence, NV House? Clogged AC Drain Line, No Power to Unit & More

There can be an assortment of easy resolutions when the air conditioner is not performing. When the air conditioner will not power on, most immediately think it is a deep-rooted problem that needs a professional. Where professionals are often needed, you would be surprised that it is quite common for the air conditioner to be easily up and running with a few adjustments that you can take care of. Today, we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning have compiled the most common reasons as to what could be making your air conditioner suffer that you can adjust yourself without necessarily needing repairs to get your air conditioner cooling your home.

Clogged AC Drain Line

The air conditioner can shut down when the air conditioner drain line, or the condensation pump becomes clogged. To get the unit up and running again, easily cleaning out the line is often what it needs. If you are not comfortable with cleaning out the drain, you can hire a professional HVAC expert to ensure it is cleaned properly.

Flipped AC Safety Switch

On every air conditioner unit, the safety switch can be accidentally flipped. To prevent water damage from the water leakage seeping into the ceiling and walls of your home, the switch is in place. Resetting the safety switch can get the A/C operating, however, if it was flipped due to water leakage, contact a pro.

No Power to AC Unit or Thermostat

Before you call for repairs, ensure that your home is not experiencing a power outage, since the air conditioner cannot work as it runs on power during a power outage. Though there are other power connections that can go awry, this is the most common mistake. Just make sure there is a viable power source for your unit to run.

Clogged Air Filter

By design, air filters are made to be replaced or cleaned regularly. Optimally, they should be checked monthly, especially when you live in areas with high levels of dust. Never exceed the 3-month marker. The airflow is restricted causing the air conditioner to not perform at its peak performance when the filters accrue a lot dirt and debris. When the air conditioner is not maintaining cool temperatures, check the air filter first.

Dead Thermostat Batteries

When a thermostat is not powered, the air conditioner cannot operate. Generally, the batteries are the culprit, and usually only last year. The thermostat cannot communicate with the air conditioner when the batteries fail. Try replacing the batteries first if your thermostat appears to be dead.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A simple reset is sometimes needed when the circuit breaker to your air conditioner has been tripped. Also referred to as the fuse box, the circuit breaker can trip when there is an excessive power surge. If constantly trips however, you want to call in a professional to assess the underlying issue.

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You can call for professional assistance if the air conditioner unit continues to experience problems even after these above-mentioned adjustments have been made. To help you if your Las Vegas Valley air conditioner is not functioning correctly or at all, the specialists at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning are readily available. We will diagnose the problem or problems and ensure thorough and efficient repairs to get your home comfortable.