Is it Worth Repairing a 10 to 20 Year Old Furnace in Las Vegas, NV? When tp Use Repair Money for New Heating Unit

It’s that time of year when we are thinking about turning our furnaces on for the winter. As you get your furnace ready for the winter months, it is normal to find that there are some repairs that need to be made before it is ready to go. When you are facing furnace repairs, it can be difficult to determine when enough is enough. There comes a time when repairing an older furnace isn’t the right financial choice to make, but how do you determine when you get to that point? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some rules of thumb that come into play when you are faced with repairing or replacing your furnace this winter.

Furnaces Lose Efficiency Over Time

When you first have your furnace installed in your home, hopefully it has a great warranty that comes with it. You will want to take advantage of that warranty whenever possible. You should always make sure that the HVAC company you are working with will honor and work with the warranty on your unit. As your furnace ages, you will find that eventually that warranty will dry up. You won’t be able to simply call someone to come take a look and have the warranty cover the cost. You will be faced with paying the repair bill. This can be far more painful, depending on the repair that you’re dealing with. While repairs on your furnace probably start out small, they will likely get larger as time goes on and the furnace gets older and less efficient. This is where homeowners start to wonder at what point is repairing the furnace worth it?

5000 Rule of Furnaces

If you are facing a furnace repair and are trying to determine if it is worth making the repair or if you should consider replacement, using the 5000 rule can be helpful. To figure this out, you will take the cost of the repair and multiply it by the number of years old the furnace is. If that number is over 5000, you may want to consider replacing the furnace rather than repairing it. This can be a good guideline that helps you weigh the cost of repair against replacement.

Use Furnace Repair Money for a Down Payment on New Heating Unit

When you are faced with a hefty repair to keep your older furnace running, you need to consider the fact that you can put that money toward a down payment on a new furnace. Not only can that be a wiser investment, but it can also save you on your energy bills each month.

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