Is it Safe to Use a Furnace with a Cracked Heat Exchanger in Anthem, NV or Do I Need Heating Replacement?

The component that is actually responsible for providing heat to your home is the furnace’s. However, it can only do so effectively throughout its lifetime if your furnace is properly cared for through professional maintenance and timely repairs. Though a cracked heat exchanger is rare in a newer furnace, this problem becomes more likely in an aging system that’s suffered from wear and tear and potentially corrosion throughout the years. In fact, when well maintained, a furnace can last about 10-15 years. As to why a cracked heat exchanger is bad new is what we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to explain today.

Fundamentals of a Heat Exchanger

As we mentioned on above, the heat exchanger is the part actually responsible for heating up the air that travels through the vents and into your living space. When the burners of your gas-powered furnace ignite, they generate hot combustion gas, which is collected inside the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is clamshell-shaped that looks like a small metal chamber and likely a series of them inside your heater. The heat exchanger heats up the metal walls from the hot combustion gases. Through the vents into your home, the blower fan blows air over the heat exchangers. The combustion gas is able to heat the air entering your home without ever coming into contact with the air. After the heating process is done, the combustion byproducts in the heat exchanger get vented out of the system through a flue to release gas harmlessly into the air.

How Do Heat Exchangers Crack?

Even if you have a newer system as a cracked heat exchanger is a lot more common in an aging furnace, it is still important to be aware of the potential of cracking the heat exchanger. The metal of the heat exchanger contracts and expands as it cools and heats back up. Eventually, the stress causes the cracks. The walls of the heat exchangers can also become corroded due to the reaction of the combustion gas and metal. This usually only happens if your furnace isn’t vented properly though, which is why professional installation is critical.

What are the Symptoms of a Damaged Heat Exchanger?

The cracks in a heat exchanger are tiny, nearly microscopic. You wouldn’t be able to spot it when the furnace isn’t operating. As when the furnace is operating is the problem, these cracks open up with the heat. The worst of these gases is carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide poisoning is among the leading cause of household tragedies. This point is to encourage the importance of both professional furnace installation and annual furnace maintenance services.

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