Is it Common for AC to Freeze Up in Summer in Desert Shores, NV? How to Keep Your Central A/C Running!

Hearing that your AC is freezing up in the summer sounds a little crazy. Summer and freezing aren’t usually put together. But your AC can freeze and it can cause your AC to stop working in the summer season. So how do you help prevent your AC from freezing up so that you can enjoy your summer in a cold house, and not a hot one? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you understand what can cause your AC to freeze up and what you can do to help prevent it.

Clean or Change Air Filters

This is a very common reason why your AC freezes up. This is also a problem you can easily prevent. If you have dirty air filters the air cannot get through them very well. When there is not enough air flowing through the air ducts then this can cause the evaporator coils to get some ice layers on them and eventually freeze it up. Make sure you are always changing out your filters. Clean air filters will help your AC to continue to run smoothly.

Address Refrigerant Leaks

If you are having a refrigerant leak, it could be because you have joints that have come loose or some parts of your AC haven’t completely become loose but are rubbing against each other. When this happens, the AC can start to freeze up because the AC unit is trying to run without the right amount of refrigerant. Without the right amount of refrigerant, the temperatures of the evaporator coil will drop to a freezing level and freeze your AC.

Clean & Clear Drain Line Clogs

Your AC has a drain line. Moisture from the air inside goes outside through the condensate drain line. If this drain becomes clogged it can then back up the drip tray and start to overflow. That extra moisture that cannot get outside can start to freeze your evaporator coils. To help prevent this problem from happening make sure everything is cleaned and nothing is blocking the drain line such as debris. If you notice debris is in your drain line you can always get a wet/dry vac and clean it out.

Keep Air Vents Open

You want to make sure that all of your air vents are open. If too many are closed or furniture is blocking them, then this can also cause your air condenser to freeze up. Always keep them open even if you are not using that room. Closing vents can cause more harm than good. Keeping them open will help prevent your AC from freezing up

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If you are having problems with your AC freezing up or any other problems with your AC. Then give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We will come and fix the problem and get your AC running again. Remember it is always important to do a routine maintenance check. This can help ensure that your AC is running well and your AC will not freeze up!