Is a Whistling, Screeching or Noisy Central Air Conditioner Dangerous in Spring Mountain, NV?

When the air conditioner begins to make various noises, it is never a good sign. It is normal to hear a very soft humming when the air conditioner is running. However, louder and odd noises point to a problem. Depending on the type of sound you hear, you could possibly determine the problem. Where some problems can be corrected simply, other problems may point to more major repairs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will break down the different noises and what it could mean for the air conditioner.

Whistling Air Vent

When you hear whistling coming from the return vents, this is sign you need to change the air filters. When the air filter become clogged with dirt, the air struggles to pass through, which results in a whistling sound. Dirty filters can greatly affect the health of the HVAC system. If you are hearing whistling the air filter are past due and must be changed quickly. If you are hearing whistling coming from the other vents it could mean a split or rack in the air ducts. If there is a problem with the air ducts they will need to be repaired as they will stress the air conditioner and increase your power bill greatly.

Clanking or Banging Noise from AC

When you hear a clanking or banging noise coming from the air conditioner this is a bad sign as well. Often this type of noise indicates something has become disconnected, has fallen off and is now bouncing around inside the air conditioner. If a screw or larger component became disconnected, it can damage the inside of the air conditioner and contribute to refrigerant leaks or damage to the compressor. If you hear a clanking or banging noise turn off the air conditioner to prevent additional problems and then contact your HVAC service to determine the cause.

AC Screeching Noise

When there is a screeching noise, like there is metal rubbing on metal that is also never a good sign. Screeching is often caused by a broken fan motor belt or a part of the motor is grinding together. Both scenarios are not good and require immediate attention. Again turn of the air conditioner and contact your HVAC service to come and inspect the unit for the source of the screeching.

AC Making Humming Noise

If you are hearing a humming or buzzing sound, this noise points to an electrical problem, and most likely loose wiring. There are a number of electrical components and electrical connections. If the wiring is loose or disconnected, it can create a humming sound. To prevent an electrical hazard do not ignore the sound. Turn off the air conditioner unit and have the unit inspected. An HVAC technician will check all of the electrical connections and components to see if there is any damage, loose connections, and other electrical hazards.

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Never ignore you air conditioner when it develops noises. Noises are the air conditioner’s voice telling you of a problem. If your air conditioner is making odd noises, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.