Is a Smelly Central Air Conditioner Dangerous in Summerlin West, NV? Sewage or Rotten Egg Odor & More

If you smell something unpleasant when your AC turns on, most people want to get rid of the cause as soon as possible. The smells that can come from your vents when you’re dealing with an AC problem can be horrible. There are several issues that can cause unpleasant smells to be coming from your HVAC system. Some of these smells are more dangerous than others are. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some the smells you may have coming from your vents and what needs to be done to get rid of them.

Rotting Animal & Other Bad Smells in Air Conditioner that Can Be Easily Fixed

Like mentioned above, there are some odors that don’t mean the problem with your HVAC system is a serious one. You definitely don’t want to let any foul smell go unfixed, but here are some of the odors that usually mean minor fixes are required to get rid of them.
– Rotting Smell: Usually when you smell something completely rotten coming from your vents, it means that a small animal has gotten stuck in your ductwork and died. The animal will need to be removed to get that rotting smell to go away.
– Mildew: Anytime you smell mold in your home, you want to solve the problem because mold growth can turn into a big problem. When you smell it coming from your vents, it likely means that you have a drainage issue. Your AC works to remove humidity from your air as it cools and if that isn’t draining right, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. A deep, professional cleaning should do the trick.
– Cigarette: Anytime you have a smoker in your home or have had a smoker in your home, the smoke from cigarettes can linger in your evaporator coils. This can be fixed by having the evaporator coils on your unit deep cleaned.

Why Does My Central Air Smell like Burning, Sewer or Rotten Eggs?

There are some HVAC odors that spell big trouble and should never be ignored. Here are some odors that require immediate assistance:
– Rotten Eggs: Natural gas leaks often have a sulfur smell and shouldn’t be ignored. Anytime you have a gas leak, you need to have professional help right away to fix the problem as it is a dangerous situation.
– Sewage: A sewer back up or leak can lead to a foul smell coming from your ductwork if the leak is close to your HVAC system. This is caused by high amounts of methane in your home which is highly flammable.
– Burning: Mechanical problems can create a burning smell coming from your vents. If you smell something is burning, turn your AC off right away and call for help.

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