Interesting Facts About Central Air Conditioning in Tuscany Village, NV; What the First AC Unit Looked Like & More

Did you know that before cell phones you had to stop at a pay phone with some change to make a call? This was not a real inconvenience to people because that was all that there was. Before there were cars to take you to and from groceries stores, things took much longer but that was just the way things were. The process of getting new inventions and how they affect your life is an interesting topic in many instances. If you walk in someone’s house on a warm summer day you will often be relieved with a blast of cooled air. That is due to the AC unit that is used throughout the year. The unit is a great invention that seems like a necessity rather than a want. Even though that may seem true there were times that they did not exist and most homes did not even have an AC unit until the 1960’s.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Some Fun Facts About Your AC Unit

When Did Summer Vacation Originate?: We all get geared up for the summer months where the kids are out of school and road trips begin. It seems that when summer hits, families hit the road for some much needed breaks. The summer time is a way that people go out and enjoy their time but why does it exist. It may interest you to know that your air conditioning unit has something to do with it. Before there were AC units in homes and businesses the summer was unbearable. They were not able to get the kids in the buildings for school and business owners didn’t open their shops. This lead to schools and businesses closing during the summer and people had nothing to do so they spent time with their family. The summer vacation time stuck and now we still enjoy these summer months even though we have central air conditioning and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures year round.
What Did the First Air Conditioner Look Like?: When the air conditioning unit was first invented it was for use in a large commercial space. They needed to cool an area and keep it from getting dirt and debris. With that said some people wanted to be able to cool their home as well. This meant that a residential unit needed to be created. The first unit was gigantic sizing up to six feet tall and seven feet wide. The size was vast but the price was even more. Some people would pay up to $50,000 for one which is why they were not in very many places. The size and the cost has become much more acceptable which is why you would be hard pressed to find a home without one.
Central Air Conditioning Saves Lives: The summer temperatures can be quite hot and you may choose to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Now imagine not having a way to cool off and being stuck inside. The amount of deaths that were linked to heat has dropped over 80% since the AC unit was installed in many homes. It has literally saved the lives of people that otherwise would be stuck in these harsh and hot conditions.

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