Indoor Gas Fireplace VS Central Furnace Heating as Primary Heat Source in Seven Hills, NV

Here in the Las Vegas Valley, colder temperatures have officially settled in to stay. The winter months here are the envy of people across the country. We are blessed to have very moderate temperatures during the winter season. In fact, many people relocate to Las Vegas during the winter for our mild winters. Since we do have such mild temperatures some people ask us if they really need to use their heater or if they can just use their gas fireplaces. Today we are going to discuss the answer to this question.

Gas Fireplace Can Complement But Not Replace Central Heating

First we will talk about fireplaces. There are three different options for fireplaces – wood burning, gas, and electric. Older homes or custom homes may have wood burning fireplaces in them. Newer homes that have fireplaces typically have gas or electric fireplaces. Here in Las Vegas we find that most fireplaces installed are gas. Since we are typically dealing with gas fireplaces that is what we are going to focus on.
Gas fireplaces are significantly easier and more convenient than traditional wood burning fireplaces. When you have a gas fireplace there is no need to find, chop, collect, and store the firewood needed to use your fireplace. To utilize your gas fireplace you simply flip a switch. Newer models even have remotes that you can use to turn your fireplace on. In addition to being easier to use, gas fireplaces are also extremely easy to maintain. When you use a wood burning fireplace you have to clean the ash out of the fireplace on a routine basis. Gas fireplaces do not produce ash so there is less cleaning. You will still want to inspect your fireplace regularly to ensure that everything is working as it should. Customers are always happy to hear that gas fireplaces are very cost-effective. First of all, they are cheaper to install in your home than a wood burning fireplace. They are also effective when they are running. Utilizing a gas fireplace can help reduce your heating bills by 25% each month.

Gas Fireplace Heat Output

The downside of gas fireplaces is that they do not have vents to carry the heat that is created to all the areas of your home. The room that the fireplace is in will get warm but the further away from the fireplace that you get the colder your home will be. This is why you will not want to rely on a gas fireplace to heat your entire home. Gas fireplaces are simply an excellent addition to your heating system.
Another downside is that you will not want to leave your gas fireplace on all day long. For safety reasons you will only want to keep your gas fireplace on when you are home. If you do not use your heater to keep your home warm while you are gone your home will be frigid when you come back home.

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Your heating system has vents that will help your entire home stay nice and warm this winter. You can set your thermostat to the temperature that you want your home to be and then let your heater and fireplace work to keep your home comfortable. If you have any more questions or need some work done to your heating system give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!