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Air Filters & Air Purifiers in Las Vegas

The indoor air quality (IAQ) of Las Vegas homes is extremely important in our climate and weather conditions, more so for those struggling with allergies, asthma, or poor respiratory issues. Premium air filters and air purifiers could be what your home needs to improve the indoor air quality of your abode.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning provides superior services for your repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Our professionals can dramatically improve your indoor air quality by consulting with you on the use of air filters better engineered for the Las Vegas desert, along with installing top-of-the-line air purifiers.


Air quality filtering through the inside of Las Vegas homes is extremely important in our climate and weather conditions, more so to those struggling with allergies, asthma or poor respiratory issues. Premium air filters and air purifiers could be what your home needs to improve the indoor air quality of your abode. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning provides superior services for your repairmaintenance and installation needs. Our professionals can dramatically improve your indoor air quality by consulting with you on the use of air filters better engineered for the Las Vegas desert, along with installing top of the line air purifiers.

Whole House Air Purifier Installation

High levels of pollen, along with other allergens, and humidity can compromise the quality of air circulating throughout your home, assaulting allergy sufferers and people inflicted with asthma. Triggering these attacks can be greatly reduced with the aid of the proper air quality improving products from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. Air purifier installation is an affordable way to contribute to filtering out the particulate assassins that contribute to respiratory issues or other health concerns.

UV Germicidal Lights Air Purifiers

When either your heating or air conditioning is in use, the air filters are doing what it can to contain the contaminants that are floating in the air circulation, and the air conditioning does a its duty in reducing humidity levels in the air when in use. However, sometimes the Las Vegas desert we call home can make these methods inadequate. Particles such as; dust, pet dander, dust mites, mold, bacteria, viruses, germs, and other volatile organic compounds could be slipping through the average barricades of generic filters that will continue to strike on your delicate respiratory system. Installing UV Germicidal Lights Premium Air Purifiers can greatly reduce those harmful particles, allowing you to breathe easier, and minimize the health risks.

Premium Air Filters

Exceptional HEPA Air Filters are more beneficial than the generic filters. High efficiency ratings or HEPA filters can greatly improve the air quality in your home. Ask our experienced professionals at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning about the right kind of air filters better suited for your system and your needs. Remember to clean or replace them a minimum of every three months, or check them once a month and perform the maintenance as needed.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection & Audit

There are many options you can choose from to help the indoor air quality of your home through air filtration and purification applications and installations. Our professionals at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can perform an indoor air quality inspection service and recommend the most beneficial and affordable methods to help get your home the proper air filtering system it needs to help you breathe, reduce allergies and keep the energy and HVAC efficiency up to par.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning have all the credentials, certifications, licenses, and insurance to guarantee our valued customers with satisfactory services in installation, maintenance and repair to keep your home comfortable all year long. Call us today for your air quality improvement services!

Signs You Need New Air Filters

Clogged Filters

When your air filters become noticeably clogged, they impede the efficiency of your air filtration systems. A clogged filter strains your HVAC system and forces it to work harder to circulate air. Over time, this extra strain can lead to reduced lifespan of your system. Regular filter replacement helps maintain optimal airflow and system health, preventing these issues.

Dusty Vents

Dusty vents can be a sign that your home air filters are failing to trap debris effectively. This accumulation not only impacts the performance of your air purification systems but also degrades the overall air quality inside your home. As such, replacing your filters when you notice dust buildup ensures that your air remains as clean as possible.

Higher Energy Bills

An unexpected rise in energy bills may be a sign that an HVAC system in your home is operating inefficiently. One common culprit behind increased energy consumption is a dirty air filter. 

When airflow is obstructed, your system consumes more energy to achieve normal air circulation. By investing in timely home air filter replacement, you can keep your energy costs down and maintain your system’s efficiency.

HVAC Systems Aren’t As Effective

If your HVAC systems aren’t heating or cooling your space as effectively as they used to, it might be time to check your air filter. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and impair the effectiveness of your system. Replacement filters can restore proper airflow and help your system maintain consistent temperature regulation.

Uncomfortable Air

Poor indoor air quality can cause discomfort and exacerbate allergies among household members and is a big sign you may need a new air filter. Pollutants like mold spores and other indoor air pollutants can accumulate in filters over time and reduce their effectiveness. A fresh air filter maintains a robust air purification system and safeguards your home from allergens and pollutants.

Quality Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air pollution can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air pollution! People spend as much as 90% of their time inside their homes and office buildings, so clean indoor air is of the utmost importance for day to day health and comfort. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can help the people that spend time in your living and working spaces be safer, healthier and more comfortable by removing any present mold and mildew from your duct work, lessening the amount of dust in your home, eliminating musty odors caused by a neglected system, improving uneven temperatures from room to room and reducing your utility costs!

Happy Customers Near You

    “Just came out and did our home in Summerlin and did a great job.”
    “Our vents had never been done and our dryer vent was clogged causing our clothes to take several cycles to dry. After they came everything is working as good as new.”
    - Roger V.
    “I will NEVER switch companies!! Air Supply has our business forever!”
    “They are absolutely AMAZING. From constant contact with me all weekend, picking out a new unit, scheduling a crane…everything was seamless.”
    - Liz L.
    “Always prompt, cost effective, and high quality.”
    “3 houses in our neighborhood got very good deals and prompt excellent service on high efficiency units this week. It's the third time in the years we've lived in this heat that they have helped us.”
    - John L.
    “There is a reason I have been a long time customer of Air Supply.”
    “From Kim the receptionist who scheduled my appointment and kept me updated through out the day to Paul the technician who came out and was thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable, he also gave me honest options and gave me tips.”
    - Candace G.

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