Importance of Furnace Maintenance in Downtown Las Vegas, NV & Signs You Need Heating Repair

So, you moved to the desert to escape cold winters, right? You will quickly learn that temperatures can get cold in the desert too. Your furnace should last for 20 to 30 years but you might find yourself replacing as soon as 15 years. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep it running for as long as possible. You will also need to realize that if you’ve neglected regular maintenance you should be extra diligent in making sure you take steps to care for your heater so you can stay warm this winter!

Importance of Clean Furnace Filter

The filter in your furnace plays an important role. It reduces the amount of dust and other allergens that can be circulated throughout your home. When the filter is clogged, your furnace needs to work harder because of decreased airflow. You will need to pay for more repairs to replace worn out parts and the lifespan of your furnace will be decreased. You will also have better air quality in your home when air filters are clean. Filters should be changed every month. You will know you need to change the filter if you notice more dust in your home, or around the air vents, you smell a dusty odor in your home or you or your family members have unexplained congestion.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

There are sign that indicate your furnace might be in disrepair.
1. Loud furnace noises. Your furnace will make noise as it works to heat your home but if noises start to get louder or sound different than what you’re used to, you need to have it looked at. Sounds that need to be addressed right away include clanging or banging, clicking or hissing, and noises that just don’t sound normal.
2. Higher utility bills. While you can expect a spike in your heating bill over the winter months, a sudden spike over what your paid last year is an indication that your furnace is working harder than it needs to and not efficiently as it used to either.
3. A drafty home. If your home isn’t heating up as quickly as it used to, or you have cold spots in areas of your home, you may have a furnace that doesn’t have as much power as it once did. It’s harder to heat your entire home evenly when your furnace isn’t working efficiently. It may also be due to leaky ductwork, but you will need to call for service either way.
4. Furnace short cycling. This issue occurs when your furnace is turning off and on rapidly, without completing a full heating cycle. Not only is this inefficient and will cost you money, you furnace will wear out faster. Your heater is not designed to function under this stress and will breakdown sooner than expected.

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Do you suspect your heater may not be working as efficiently as it once did? Ignoring any sort or issue won’t make it go away. The problem will only get worse and you may have a complete breakdown. That’s the last thing you want! Give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call to ensure your home stays warm all winter long.