Imagine a Hot Summer with No Air Conditioning in Summerlin West, NV; Importance of Cool Indoor Air

Well there was a time that air conditioning wasn’t even a thought. People lived through hot summers with little relief from the heat. Many places had public baths where people would go to try and cool off during the hottest part of the day. Before there was adequate ways to cool down there were many deaths reported because of the amount of heat and the fact that there was no way to get relief. July 17th 1902 was the date that was on the blueprint that started the journey to air conditioning. There was a junior engineer that worked for a furnace company that was able to figure out the best way to cool down the air. Many people tried and failed at cooling down rooms and buildings from Da Vinci and Naval Engineers. This junior engineer however recognized that the best way to keep the air inside more comfortable was to control the amount of humidity that was inside. The humidity is what makes most people feel dehydrated and overheated. This new invention was what changed the comfort for people all over the world.

Air Conditioning Helped Industry

This also was what allowed electronics to advance at a faster rate. The internal parts for electronics need a clean and dust free room. Now that Air Conditioning was part of work space it made the room less dusty which allowed the room to stay clean for engineers to work.

First Air Conditioning Units

The first type of units were placed in an open window which had its own set of problems. One of them being that they would drip water on people that would walk past windows. Another thing is that the unit were not always secured tightly and could potentially fall out and fall onto someone. The same engineer that helped save many people from the sweltering heat also helped with a printing company that was struggling to keep production up. The engineer was able to use his knowledge of humidity control to allow the printing building to cool and dry the ink on the paper faster which allowed the printer to be able to meet deadlines much quicker.

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This was just the beginning of a new era of what homes and work buildings could be. The air conditioning units we have now have come leaps and bounds since then and continue to evolve. To keep your unit at tip top shape and keeping you out of the summer heat make sure that you have a service check regularly. Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today to set up an appointment.