Identifying an A/C Freon Leak in LV

The weather in Las Vegas is beginning to reach warm temperatures and will soon be at its peak during the middle of the summer season. Summer time brings with it the urge to jump into a cool refreshing swimming pool, eat an ice cream cone or enjoy a back yard barbecue. However, when the temperature reaches a degree that is too hot to enjoy those activities, it is time to retreat inside where your home is being chilled to a cool and comfortable temperature by your ever so important air conditioning system. If you happen to walk into your home and don’t feel a significant change in the air that you were expecting or it feels even warmer inside than it does out, it may be time to check your air conditioning units Freon levels.

How to Tell if the Freon in your Air Conditioner is Low

The Freon in your air conditioning unit changes from a gas to a liquid over and over again to create a natural cooling effect. Without Freon in its proper place or at the appropriate levels, the functionality of your air conditioning system will be in jeopardy. There are a few obvious signs that indicate the Freon levels in an air conditioning unit are currently low.

Temperature of the Air

The temperature of the air that is blowing out of your vents is the first place to check. If the air exiting the vents is cool, but not really cold then the Freon levels are probably at a low. This will make it impossible for the air to reach its coolest temperature possible, and your home will not be properly cooled.


Thermostats are programmed to turn your air conditioning unit on until it reaches the temperature that you programmed in. If your air conditioning system is unable to distribute cold air, then it will never reach the temperature you set it at, making your unit experience a very long run time. If your air conditioning system is running for very significant amounts of time to reach a temperature that you set on the thermometer, then your Freon levels may be operating at low levels. Las Vegas homeowners sometimes don’t realize this until they receive their power bill and it is considerably higher than normal due to the length of time that their air conditioning system has been running.

Professional Air Conditioning Inspection

Determining the Freon level to begin with can be difficult on your own; detecting a low Freon level in your air conditioning unit can be even harder. Hiring a professional to come in and have a thorough look at your Las Vegas air conditioning system is your best option. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is skilled and experienced when it comes to inspecting Freon levels and detecting leaks. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to get your unit working at optimal levels and provide you and your family with a cool summer and a comfortable home.