HVAC Troubleshooting Guide for New Home Owners in Desert Shores, NV; AC Not Cooling Enough & More

Buying a home for the first time is one of the biggest accomplishments one can achieve! Congratulations on your new home, you will find that this leaves you feeling extremely proud and relieved that the stressful homebuying process is now over. As you move into your home and settle in, there are things that will need to be maintained monthly, quarterly and annually to keep your home in tip top shape! Your HVAC system should be serviced annually by a reputable, licensed and experienced company such as Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to avoid mechanical breakdowns when you least expect it. Emergency calls in the middle of the summer can be expensive, so you will want to do all of the preventative maintenance you can to preserve the life of you unit. Some common problems with your HVAC system can be troubleshooted on your own and can be relatively simple to fix. Others may have to be left to the pros to repair. So, what are some of the common issues you may face in the future and what should you do about it?

Central Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House Enough

1: Check your thermostat– You may have giggled when you read that. It is not uncommon for the switch that controls “Cool” or “Heat” to be bumped. Ensure your selector is indeed pointed to cool. Another thing to be aware of, is your fan should be placed to “Auto” and not “On”. If your fan is set to stay on, this makes the indoor blower stay on and will essentially pull cool air out of the home.
2: Is your filter dirty? -Clogged filters will make your system work overtime and will not allow for adequate air flow to pass through the vents. If you have a weak air flow, this may be the cause and can be fixed by you. Stock up on some filters so you can change them as often as they become dirtied. This is an important part of maintaining your system and ensuring things run smoothly.
3: Go outside and inspect your unit– Find your outside unit and ensure it is free of debris that may be causing issues. Twigs, leaves etc. should be cleaned off the unit. Next locate your switch, ensure it is “On”. Then you will want to inspect your condenser coils for any ice. This could be a sign that there is a leak in the refrigerant line somewhere causing the levels to get too low. If you notice your unit is freezing up, call Air Supply LV to come and make the necessary repairs ASAP.

Is Your Thermostat Broken?

1: Do you need a new battery in your thermostat? – This is a super simple fix and can be the cause of your heating or cooling woes. You will want to test your thermostat by turning it to the on position, then setting it to “cool”. If nothing happens, or if it wont turn on you need to replace your batteries. If it turns on, then great! Have someone stand next to your furnace while you switch your system to “heat”. Turn up the temperature until you hear a click sound. The furnace should immediately start up and you should be able to hear it. If you hear nothing, you will need to replace your thermostat.
2: Thermostat should not be placed in direct sunlight. -Placement of your thermostat is important, if it is in the path of direct sunlight, or is placed too close to a vent you will not get a proper temperature reading for the home. Hallways or walls that are not near vents or windows are the best places for your thermostat to be. If your thermostat is placed wrong, call Air Supply LV to relocate the thermostat for you.

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These are some of the ways you can check your system yourself when things go funky. If you can’t find the source of the problem, it may be a bigger issue requiring the help of a professional. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has seasonal tune up specials and we are your trusted HVAC technicians here in the Las Vegas Valley. Call us for any of your AC woes, big or small and we will be there to fix the problem!