HVAC Repair or Replace Calculator in Las Vegas, NV; Frequent AC Repairs, Age & Unit Efficiency

If you are in the dead of summer and come home to find your house is just as hot inside as it is outside you will probably have a little panic. The problem is that something with your air conditioning unit has gone wrong and you need to decide if you are going to repair the unit that you have or purchase a new unit all together. There are always pros and cons to repair versus replacement dilemma but you need to look at when the best time to purchase a new unit is before you spend money on a unit. There are several things that you can look at and consider to help you make this determination. Just because a unit can be repaired doesn’t always mean that you should and you may end up with more problems again in a short amount of time.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outline Some Areas that you Should Consider to Help You Decide to Repair or Replace Your AC Unit.

Air Conditioning Unit Efficiency: One of the areas of the unit that you need to look at is the efficiency of the unit itself. The unit is made to use just enough energy to cool or heat your home but over time it can start to lose some efficiency. This can be due to areas of the unit that are not working correctly and could be damaged. You can look at the efficiency by checking into your energy bill. The air conditioner uses the majority of your energy during the summer months. Check the bill for an increase in the amount of energy consumed and if it seems to have jumped you may need to replace the unit with a newer model.
Age of AC Unit: You can also look at the age of your unit. They are manufactured to last around eight to ten years but can obviously go out sooner. This can be due to overuse of not maintaining the unit by a professional in a regular basis. If you start to have trouble with your unit you may want to find out how long you have owned it and if it is near the ten year mark you should consider replacing it.
AC Repair Frequency: You can also look at how often you are needing to call out an AC repair company to take care of the unit. The unit will need to have some repairs made as the years go on but if the calls seem to come too often you may need a new unit all together. You don’t want to spend too much money on repairs if the unit will need to be replaced soon. This can end up costing you more money since you have paid for repairs and then soon after a new unit.

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If you want to look into having a new unit installed at your home call an air conditioning repair company today. Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating can come out and determine if you need one as well as make recommendations on what AC unit would be best for you.