HVAC Myths Exposed in Enterprise, NV; How Often You Should Have Your HVAC System Checked & More

Old wives tales and myths can be handed down from family members, disclosed from friends or rumored on the internet. But relying on many of these myths to take care of your home and family can be causing damage and possible harm to you and your prized possessions. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has compiled some common myths that you may think are true about your HVAC unit.

Common HVAC Myths Dubunked

Ceiling fans cool rooms down – This is not true! A ceiling fan takes that air in a room and circulates it; whether or not the air is cold or hot. The fan does make you feel like you are getting cooled down when it hits you. The best thing to do is to turn on the fan when you are in the room and keep it off when you are gone. This can save you energy and can make the actual fan fixture itself last longer.
You only need a checkup when something goes wrong – This is also not true. HVAC units need to be inspected and checked annually. It is best to have them checked for leaks or areas of damage. This will make sure that you catch a problem quickly and can save you money on repairs and energy. It can also keep the unit working longer when it is taken care of regularly.
You should regularly add refrigerant to your unit. – This is also wrong. An HVAC unit is set to function and has enough refrigerant in it to last the life of the unit. You can have it charged but if you are having this done regularly it means that you must have a leak. If you have a leak you need to call a trusted HVAC company to come and look at repairing the unit. A freon leak can be dangerous so taking care of it quickly can help keep people from getting ill.
You should close vents in rooms that you don’t use. – This practice is also not true. It may seem that closing the vent in a room may allow the others rooms to get more air but air conditioning units are set to regulate the amount of air that is sent through the rooms. This means that if you close one vent you are actually causing the unit to work harder and stressing the unit out. It also will not send any more air into the other rooms.

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