HVAC Maintenance for Pet Owners in Paradise, NV; AC Tune Up, Air Duct Sealing, Cover Condenser Unit & More

When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, having indoor pets significantly increases the responsibility with care and maintenance. In your home, your pet has a direct effect on the quality of air you breathe. While sharing comfort with your furry friends, be extra mindful and follow these tips to secure your health. Today, we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to elaborate on the extra care pet owners should employ for their HVAC system.

Bathe Pets to Reduce Dog Dander

It is good to bathe the pets regularly since the pollen and dirt can accumulate in your pets’ fur. Being easily circulated in your home and may reduce air quality, these particles are major potential causes of allergies. To avoid discomforts and health risks, keep your pet clean.

Dust, Sweep & Vacuum!

Make sure the house is kept clean. You cannot stop your pets from staying in one corner to another doing their animal routines even trained. Pet hair and dander are almost in every corner of your house in turn. Make certain to vacuum clean carpets and furniture and mop the floor.

Maintain Your HVAC System

There is maintenance that must be done on a regular basis. Professional maintenance is essential for keeping the HVAC system clean and running smoothly. In addition to preventing the spread of allergens brought by having pets in the house, the maintenance can help better manage the pet fur/dander that builds up on the equipment but it also minimizes the damage it can cause.

Upgrade to Higher Quality HVAC Filter

In terms of HVAC filters, there are many variations. Choose an HVAC filter with high MERV rating for more efficient function if you are planning to have a pet. For homes with pets, a MERV rating of 8 and higher is the AC filter. Pollutants and contaminants, it filters airborne allergen.

Air Duct Sealing

Make certain the air ducts are sealed. If leaks are present, pet hairs and dander can find their way to your air ducts. Throughout your home, your air duct transports the air from your HVAC system. Have your air ducts cleaned regular and inspect them periodically for leaks.

Secure Exposed Electrical Wires

Being fun to play with and ideal to chew, your pet may find wires. It can cause problem in your unit as well as your safety if that occurs. To avoid hazards, keep wires hidden and out of reach of your playful pets.

Cover AC Condenser Unit

The condenser unit needs to be covered. Your pet can find its way there and may damage the fins although they are located outside. As it can cause problems in the future, some pets such as dogs may urinate on it. To avoid these situations, make sure to put fence or any barrier. For your HVAC systems, what you need is an extra sense of responsibility.

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