HVAC Inspection & Tune Up Checklist for Preventive Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Taking care of the appliances in your home is a great way to ensure that they last! It is also a great way to keep them working properly and efficiently. If they are not working efficiently you could be spending money on a higher energy bill than necessary. One of the appliances that needs to be inspected, tuned up, maintained and repaired is your air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit uses the majority of your energy consumption in the summer time so you want to make sure that your unit is in top shape.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists What Will Be Checked When You Have A Professional HVAC Inspection & Tune Up

What is Part of the HVAC Inspection: The inspection is a great way to start when looking into the efficiency of your air conditioner. When the technician does a thorough inspection we are able to come across any areas that may need to be repaired or replaced. The inspection will go over the calibration of the thermostat and gauge the amount of air flow that is being emitted from the vents. We will also inspect the amounts of oils and refrigerant to ensure that the air is cooled and the moving parts are able to do their job fluidly. There are also lots of electrical connections that will need to be looked at and reviewed to make sure there are no missed connections or frayed and broken wires. The evaporator coils and condenser are a big part of the unit and how well it functions so they will be looked over and checked for any wear and tear as well as bad coils that may need replacement. The unit in general will be looked at as well as the vents and return air. When the inspection is complete, the technician can go over what needs to be done and get it ready for a tune up.
What Is Part Of The HVAC Tune Up: The tune up is a great way to get the unit in shape and make sure that it is functioning well. We will start with some of the general items such as change out the filters to keep the air flow as clear as possible. Double check all the electrical connections and tighten them up. Lubricate the parts that are moving and clean out any drains that are part of the unit. Replace any coils that may be worn out or broken and check the voltage of the unit to ensure that it is giving off the right amount of energy to run. If the refrigerant levels are low they will be recharged and filled back up. The coils all need to be cleaned if they are not replaced and that is what the technician is going to do during your AC tune up.

HVAC Inspections & Tune Ups In Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.

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