HVAC Energy Efficiency & Money Saving Tips in Summerlin, NV; Repair VS Replace Central Air Conditioning System, Air Duct Inspection & More

With rising temperatures, homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their energy bill and help save money. Especially here in Nevada, that is a concern at the top of resident’s minds. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share a few basic ways you can improve your A/C efficiency this year and what you can do before the unbearable upcoming summer season.

HVAC Energy Efficiency & Money Saving Tips

Summer here in Nevada means your A/C will be running 24/7 with little to no break. This is why it is important to do all that is possible to help save. Where some of these saving tips may not be feasible for you, find the ones you’re able to do and keep up on them. Lastly, as some savings may seem far less than what you hoped for, each extra step you take will add up to more and more savings. Here are some of the basic ways that can help you save money this summer.
• First, if you have an older model and have the means to replace it, the newer and more modern HVAC systems have a much higher rated efficiency energy usage. As of now, you can replace units with a 50% energy reduction with other great advantages. Of course the size of the your home will dictate the size of the unit you will need to replace, so bear that in mind if you decide to replace your older unit with a newer and more efficient one.
• At the beginning of spring and as you prepare for the up coming warmer season; inspect your air ducts for leaks and gaps. Again, older homes use duct tape to seal the air duct in your A/C system. As time progresses, the tape wears away and the air ducts often begin or will completely separate from your A/C unit. Even the smallest of cracks or gaps can cost you up to 30% more on your energy bill. Additionally, also check for crack or spaces inside your home such as doorways and windows where the conditioned air could escape.
• You will also want to consider, if you don’t already own one, is a programmable thermostat. For window units you can install a plug-in timer. You will want to control the temperature 24/7 when you’re not at home you will want to adjust the temperature slightly higher than comfortable. Then have the temperature cool down for about 30 minutes or so before the home is once again occupied. This helps lighten the load for your A/C unit, thus saving you more money.
Change your intake air filters monthly, or every three months depending on your living environment, greatly helps improve air circulation. Good air flow also helps your a/c unit work less and more efficiently. Additionally, maintaining clean filters help prevent many types of A/C failures which again will save you the need for repairs and money.
• Lastly, if possible attempt to shade your A/C unit. Shading your A/C unit can reduce power used by 10% which may not seem like much but with all the other additional saving methods, you can greatly reduce your energy usage.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning hopes we were able to provide ways to reduce your power usage this coming summer season. Regular maintenance and inspection also can help prevent future problems. If your HVAC unit seems to be having issues this spring, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.