HVAC Energy Audit Checklist & Report in Eldorado, NV; Central AC Efficiency, Air Duct Leaking & More

No matter the season if you are losing energy from somewhere in your home it can be costly. The energy that you are losing you are paying for and when it leaks from your home it is money out the window. If you are like most people you want to do all that you can to save money. You also want to help the environment and by being conservation minded you can do that. One of the appliances that uses a majority of your energy no matter if you are in cold or hot weather is the central air conditioning unit. It houses the mechanisms that cool the home like the air conditioner and the furnace heater that will heat the home on a cold day. Even if the unit is newly installed or being maintained and taken care of. you can still be losing energy. There are other areas of the home that may need your attention which is why an HVAC energy audit is a great idea.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines What Goes into a Professional HVAC Audit

Can You Over Insulate Your Home?: If you heat up a cup of soup and sit it on the counter, the heat from the soup will quickly dissipate. There is no way for the heat to hold its place and that will leave the soup cold and unappealing. The same goes for your heating and cooling system. There is no way to keep your home cool or warm without the appropriate amount of insulation. When you have areas of your home that don’t have the insulation that it should you will be losing the air that you paid to heat or cool. The problem can be solved but you first need to know about it. The HVAC audit will have a technician that comes out and checks the common areas such as the attic and garage. They can give you guidance on how to make the necessary repairs.
Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?: Another area that a technician will come and check is the cleanliness of the air duct system. This is an important part of the HVAC unit that is used to send the cooled or heated air into the rooms in your home. They will get some dust and debris when the filters are not changed often and on a regular basis. When there is too much of this dirt it can start to cause a blockage to the air flow. That in turn will cause your HVAC unit to overwork and that will cost you more on your electric and gas bill. The technician can offer to clean the air ducts and clean them so that the air can then flow freely.
Is Your Air Duct Leaking: The other area that tends to allow the air to slip from your home is when the air duct is actually unattached or damaged. This can send the air you cooled or heated into unused space in your home. The HVAC unit will work harder to correct the temperature and this in turn costs you more money. The duct work can be repaired and immediately start saving you money.

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