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Do you have a room that always seems warmer than other areas of the house in the summer, or cooler in the winter? Air conditioning, meaning either heating or cooling depends on recirculation of the air. Air is blown out through the ‘supply’ register and flow towards the returns. It passes through the heater/cooling temperature exchange then out through the supply ducts. This cycle depends on good ventilation to ensure proper circulation. In most instances it can be observed that there is space between the bottom of the room door, to allow air to escape the room. Thermodynamically this is not efficient. Cold air is introduced to the room and settles as cold air is more dense than warm air. But instead of the warm returning it is a mix of cool air and some warm air. The warm air rises and collects in the ceiling area, trapped. Older homes before A/C systems had high ceilings allowing the hot air to rise, drawing in cooler air from below. In the winter though, all the hot air provided by fireplaces and furnaces was trapped high while the room nearer the floor stayed cool. With ceiling fans came a more even distribution of air.

Supply & Return Air Duct Placement

Back to that room that has problematic temperature problems. By adding an in room return and splicing it into the duct work you can usually solve the heat/cooling differential. Most homes where air systems were designed using whatever paradigm was current at that time. As time progresses so does technology and our understanding. What was adequate in the 1970’s may well fall short of standards today. To be efficient A/C systems recirculate the air making it more effective at maintaining desired temperatures. If a system has air problems, it is probably more likely to be a ‘return’ problem rather that a ‘supply’ problem.

Flexible Plastic & Sheet Metal Ducting

The older all sheet metal ducting was strong, resilient and reliable. Joints were tied together with metal tape and lasted for ever. Never, ever use cloth ‘duct tape’ to seal A/C duct work, they break down much too fast and are ineffective. Sheet metal ducts usually only need cleaning on occasion. The newer plastic ducts can deteriorate after 30 years or so and develop leaks. On the return the air in the duct is low pressure, this allows dust and dirt ingestion past the filter. Leaks in the supply lines blow cool air into the attic requiring the system to work harder and less effectively raising cooling costs in electrical consumption. So after 25 or 30 years your duct work needs cleaning and to be inspected.

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Ducts are usually the most neglected component of the air conditioning system, including both heating and cooling. Inadequate return makes the system work harder raising your power consumption and electrical bills. Have a technician give your system a good going over, to ensure adequate circulation and efficiency. Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating can met all your air conditioning and heating needs. Contact us today!