HVAC Coils Freezing Up with Ice, Condensation & Heat Pump Below Freezing Temperatures in Las Vegas NV; Preventive Maintenance & Inspections Before Emergency Heating Repairs are Needed!

December brings family reunions, friendly holiday parties and festive weekend dinners that make the month fly by quickly. December also brings freezing temperatures that can have a negative effect on the level of comfort within your home. Not only will freezing temperatures chill your bones, but they can also potentially freeze the inside of your HVAC unit. If this occurs, you can guarantee that the inside of your home will not feel as warm and cozy as you would like it to. Protecting your HVAC unit from freezing temperatures is essential when it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.

Why do HVAC Coils Freeze Up?

If the coils on your HVAC unit freeze, then your entire system will not function properly. The freezestat in your HVAC unit is a safety feature that will keep the coils from freezing over. A freeze stat is a device that will monitor the temperature of the air that is blowing across the coils on your unit. If a situation occurs when your HVAC unit fails to work properly and allows too much cold air into the unit, the freeze stat will shut the system down to prevent the coils from freezing over.

How does a Freezestat Work?

Your freezestat will trip, shutting down your entire unit. When this occurs your unit should be inspected thoroughly to find out exactly what has caused the freezestat to trip. There are a few areas you can inspect yourself when determining what the issue may be. Be sure to inspect the outside damper. The outside damper should close and the return damper should open fully. This will prevent the cold air from entering into the system and reaching the coils. Also make sure that your fan is turning off, this will stop the air from blowing across the coils as well.

Hot & Cold Water HVAC Valves

When you are inspecting your HVAC unit, be sure to take a good look at the hot water valve and the cold water valve. Be sure that the hot water valve is opening all of the way and that the cold water valve is closing. This will assist in keeping the heat going so that any air that happens to flow across the coils will be hot air and not freezing air that will freeze your coils over.

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They best way to keep your coils from freezing over and keeping your HVAC unit working properly throughout the winter season is to hire Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to perform regularly scheduled maintenance checkups on your unit. This will ensure that your unit is working properly all winter long and will also prepare it for the warm temperatures that will arrive next spring and summer.