HVAC Air Flow Problems; Why is One Room So Cold Compared to the Rest of My North Las Vegas, NV House?

Why are some of the rooms in my home colder than others regardless of how the thermostat is set? This can be a problem in many homes and it’s good to figure out why!

Why Are Some Rooms Colder than Others?

1. Closed vents. If vents are closed in some rooms, then the heat can’t get there and of course it will feel colder than other rooms.
2. Open windows. If a window is open even a crack the warm air will escape and you’ll be left with uneven heating in your home.
3. Dirty air filters. Dirty or clogged filters will restrict airflow and prevent your home from getting warm in areas.
4. Air duct issues. Kinked and/or crushed pipes will restrict air flow into some rooms and ducts that are leaky can lead to uneven temperatures.

Unbalanced HVAC Air Flow

If you’ve ruled out these common possibilities, then the problem could be an unbalanced HVAC unit and you will need to call an HVAC company to balance it for you. Air balancing is when the amount of cooled and heated air is adjusted in each room of your home. The goal is to have the same temperature register in each room of your home. When there are big differences in rooms within your home, you have an unbalanced system.

What Causes an Unbalanced HVAC System?

Installation of your AC unit involves larger ducts and more supply vents used to get the volume of air flow through the entire house. If the ducts were installed properly in your home, then your system should be balanced. Dampers are used for fine tuning the airflow to get those even temps throughout the house. Dampers are valves that allow you to adjust the amount of air going into each room and are installed on the main ducts close to the inside unit of the air conditioner. This is usually located in a closet or the attic.

Some Things That Can Interfere with the Balance

1. Multiple level homes are hard to balance properly as heat rises and there are likely long rungs of ducts to allow air to get into each room.
2. Long runs of ducts or uninsulated ducts will cause air to cool as it moves through them leads rooms further away form the unit to feel colder.
3. Inadequate return vents. Larger homes sometimes only have one making it hard to pull warm air from far away rooms which leads to more cool air mixing with warm air.
4. Improperly sized system. Systems that are too small may not be able to heat the whole house efficiently while systems that are too big may turn off too fast which will leave some rooms too cold.
5. Additions or renovations to your home. If your home had a previous renovation done it may have interfered with the HVAC system’s balance, more so if walls were added or removed.
6. The use of the room. If you use a room as an office, you’ll need to keep in mind that computers and other electronics are producing heat and will warm the room, making it feeling warmer than the thermostat reads.

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