HVAC Air Flow Efficiency in Tuscany Village, NV; How to Increase Weak Airflow from Vents

Air flow is possibly the most overlooked component of a good HVAC system. If air can’t move efficiently, the setup of your system will be overworked and underutilized. When it’s time for a new HVAC unit, you will probably choose it based on the SEER rating. The only problem with this is that this number doesn’t factor in the resistance that will occur between the ductwork and the registers. A highly efficient system can lose a lot of its potential from restricted air flow.

Potential Causes of Weak Air Flow from Vents

How can you tell if you’re having issues with airflow in your home? It can be harder to tell if you live in an older home, but here are three main ways you can tell.
Pressure imbalances. Do you have doors that slam shut when the HVAC kicks on? This is a sign that you have pressure imbalances in your home. So are whistling sounds and drafty areas.
Reduced air at the registers. You may have a problem if you can barely feel any air blowing from the registers. You should feel air flowing freely from all the registers in your home.
Hot or cold spots. Certain areas in your home will feel hotter or colder when there is inconsistent airflow. This is more common in two-story homes.

Effects of Poor Airflow

There will be short-term and long-term costs that come with poor airflow. Your system needs to work harder and will waste money every day. The biggest cost associated with poor airflow is the damage it will cause your unit. The components are all put under extra strain and will fail prematurely. This can cost you thousands of dollars way before it’s time for a new one. Poor airflow will also make your home feel less comfortable. Temperatures will be inconsistent causing you to take additional measures. Fans and heaters may be used, wasting energy and doing nothing to solve the root of the problem.

Ductwork & Poor Airflow

Anything that changes the configuration of the ductwork in your home will change the way air is delivered. Ductwork that is crushed, blocked, disconnected or improperly installed will create problems. Another issue with ductwork is leakage. Over 90% of the homes in North America have ductwork systems that have small cracks and leaks. These reduce the level of comfort and increase heating and cooling costs. The Department of Energy states that the typical duct system has between 35-50% leakage. These problems need to be corrected or the ductwork will need to be replaced. The job is a big one but will be well worth the cost. New ductwork will increase the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and have it working the way it was manufactured to work.

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