HVAC Air Conditioner & Furnace Noises in Las Vegas NV; Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning if you Hear High Pitched Banging, Grinding, Humming & Rattling Sounds!

One of the most important appliances for your home is the HVAC air conditioning unit. Your HVAC unit provides a great deal of comfort to you and your family, especially during the warmer and cooler times of the year. Nothing feels quite as refreshing as walking into a home that is much cooler in temperature than that of the air outside in summer and much warmer than the freezing air we are experiencing outside. HVAC units are usually not regularly checked up on as often as they should be. Just like most other appliances, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so home owners often neglect to perform regularly scheduled maintenance checkups on their unit unless their air conditioner or furnace gives out … or they start hearing strange noises coming from their HVAC unit.

HVAC Making Noises

The most common occurrence that gets home owners quickly running to their unit is when it stops working completely. When cool air stops pumping through your vents, especially during the summer time or warm air stops pumping through your vents in the winter time; home owners are quick to give their unit all the care and attention it deserves. Another issue that gets home owners paying more attention to their HVAC unit is when it begins to make loud and annoying noises. A noisy HVAC unit can mean a number of different problems are occurring, but the main aspect home owners come to realize is that it is super annoying. No one wants to hear a loud screeching noise every time their unit powers on.

AC Fan Noises

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to ignore the noise that your HVAC unit has been making. If your HVAC unit is making a loud irregular noise, then there is definitely a problem. Ignoring this noise will result in your HVAC unit experiencing even more problems and ultimately having to be completely replaced. One of the reasons an HVAC unit makes a loud noise is when the air conditioner fan is not working properly. Fans that produce a loud rattling noise may be loose and also require a good cleaning. Fan blades can become loose and debris can build up; both of which will result in a loud noise coming from your unit.

HVAC Blower Motor Noises

If the motor in your HVAC unit is making a humming or grinding noise, chances are your motor could use some lubrication. You can prevent the occurrence of this type of noise by lubricating your HVAC motor at the beginning of each summer. Loose screws and clogged coil fins can also cause a great deal of noise to come from your unit. The best way to avoid any annoying noises from coming out of your unit is to have regularly scheduled maintenance checkups performed by a professional HVAC technician. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to keep your HVAC working efficiently all year long.