HVAC Air Balancing Test Procedure in Rhodes Ranch, NV During Cooling & Heating Seasons

With each season homeowners everywhere will switch between using their central air conditioner to the heater. During the change of seasons it becomes more noticeable when parts of your home may have hot or colds spots. These hot or cold spots force the HVAC system to work harder and costs more energy and money to equalize. These spots are a clear sign that your HVAC system is in need of Air Balancing. Air balancing is very important and is part of regular HVAC system maintenance service. For maximum efficiency and comfort, it is important to have your HVAC system receive air balancing services. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to Air Balance your HVAC as the seasons change and why it is an important part of your HVAC system.

Cooling Season

During the cooling season or the summer months when you need to cool your home down, you will want to perform a simple air balancing test and make the needed adjustments. When the heat kicks in and you’re switching to your air conditioning system you will want to set your thermostat at 76 to 78 degrees. For those who like it cooler you can make the adjustment after you’ve finished balancing your air conditioning system. Leave the air conditioner at either 76 or 78 degrees for at least 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours, go into each room of your home. The areas that feel much cooler than other rooms indicate you will need to balance the air flow. In the rooms that are cooler than the others, you will need to make slight adjustments to the HVAC vents by restricting the air flow slightly. Close the vents in small increments, the warmer areas make sure the vents are completely open. Allow another 24 hours to pass after you’ve made adjustments to the vents. Once again check the rooms to see if all rooms of the home feel the same. Make the same adjustments to the vents until the temperature is the same throughout the home. Don’t be surprised if you need to repeat this process a few times.

Heating Season

Balancing the air in your home during the winter months require the same steps as the cooling season. Have your heater temperature set at 76 or 78 degrees and inspect each room and make adjustments to the air vents allowing more air to flow into colder rooms and less into the hotter rooms until the air are balanced. However, you may also want to inspect the doors and windows in the colder rooms. Often the cold air flooding rooms come through windows or doors that are not properly sealed. This causes the heater to work harder. You may need to close some vents in wasted space such as hallways or upstairs areas. Remember heat rises and two story buildings will feel naturally hotter on the top floors versus the bottom.

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For those who are having a hard time balancing the home’s air out during the changing seasons, then contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide air balancing along with many more HVAC services. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today!