HVAC Air Balancing Procedures in Henderson, NV; Fixing Hot & Cold Spots in Your House, Leaking Ductwork & More

Does your air conditioning system need air balancing services? Air balancing is a process to optimize the HVAC system to ensure there is a consistent temperature throughout the home. Air Balancing is important. It is not just to ensure the home temperature is consistent throughout the entire home, but it is also for the health of the HVAC system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what air balancing is, when a home requires optimizing, and when to seek professional HVAC services.

Symptoms of Unbalanced Air

When you walk through your home during the heat of summer, it is natural to want the entire home to feel cool and comfortable. When you have areas that are hot and not cooling down, this is a classic sign your home air balance is compromised. When the home has these hot spots they are not just uncomfortable, they can also be a sign of a problem. When the home air balance is off this could indicate a major air duct leak, a blockage, or other problems with the air ducts. When you have hot spots in the home, it can cause your air conditioner to work harder and longer which puts major stress on the HVAC system. Additionally, you will have a higher power bill. Air balancing problems isn’t just a simple inconvenience. It is a compounding problem that will lead to further damages to your HVAC system.

Fixing Hot & Cold Spots in Your House

When you first have these hot spots in your home you can seek simple solutions that do not require an HVAC service. One of the common causes of poor air balance or hot spots is because the air vents are closed. To prevent stress on the HVAC system never close or partially close the air vents in the home. Even if an area of the home isn’t occupied, keep the air vents open. Other times air vents may have been closed accidentally, such as during cleaning around the vents. When you have hot spots the first step is to check the air vents and make sure they are open.

Leaking Ductwork

If all of the air vents are open then there is another culprit. If you have hot spots and it is not due to closed air vents, then there is a problem in the ductwork. At times the air ducts can split at one of its connection points. The air duct system has many sectional pieces that are connected with an adhesive. Over time the adhesive can break down and lose connection. It will then release all of the cool air traveling through that section of ductwork. Another issue that cause air balancing problems is when the air ducts are installed improperly or they are too small. To determine what the problem with the ductwork is, a professional HVAC technician will need to access the ductwork and look for the cause of the air imbalance. If the hot spot is a recent problem, then in most cases there is an air duct leak or some kind of blockage. If the hot spot has been a problem then it could be due to poor air duct installation.

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