HVAC Air Balancing Procedure in Rhodes Ranch, NV; How We Balance Your Central Air Conditioning

Has your home’s central air conditioning system been less efficient? After you had your HVAC system inspected and serviced, you may still notice a decline in your air conditioner’s efficiency. You may have considered that perhaps your air conditioner is failing. However, it may not be a problem with the air conditioner. Instead, you might have an air balance issue. Air balance is important especially in maintaining efficiency and preventing a high electrical bill. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share what air balancing is, how it affects your air conditioning system, and how to have good air balance in the home.

What is Air Balance?

Air balance is a term that means the home is efficient in producing and reclaiming the air in your home. Good air balance often starts in the ductwork and ends at the return vents. As the air conditioner or heater produces conditioned air, it is circulated throughout the home. Air can be lost or restricted when the air is being circulated throughout the home. If one area of the home fails to either cool down or warm up, the air balance is disturbed. Air balance can also be disturbed when the air cannot be brought back into the air conditioner or heating system, again due to restrictions. There can be a number of reasons or causes for improper air balance.

Causes of Improper Air Balancing

Homes can have a number of reason or causes for improper air balance. One can be due to miscalculated sizing of the air ducts, the registers, or air vents. All can cause air flow restriction. If the air ducts are too big and the air conditioner unit is too small, it can also cause the air conditioner to work harder to provide proper air flow. Another cause for proper balance is due to a leak in the air duct system, especially when the leak occurs where the ductwork splits into a room or other directions. Proper air balance can also occur when air filters are clogged and need to be changed. However, in many cases improper balance occurs when a homeowner closes a few of the vents and restricts the flow of air to certain areas in the home.

Result of Not Balancing Your Central Air Conditioning

When there is improper air balance in the home, it will first cause poor efficiency. The air conditioner or heating system will have to work harder than necessary. If areas in the home don’t reach the temperature on the thermostat, the HVAC system will continue to work until the desired temperature is reached. When the air conditioner or heater works too hard due to poor air balance it not only raises your energy bill is will cause premature wear of various components. This will lead to costly repairs.

HVAC Air Balancing Procedure

An HVAC technician has a number of methods to determine the source of poor air balance. They will often inspect the air duct system, check air filters, and make sure all of the air vents are fully open. They also use a manometer to help measure the air coming from each vent to determine if there is a problem deeper within the air ducts.

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Air balance is essential. If you have poor air balance and need help improving your home HVAC system’s efficiency, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.