HVAC Air Balancing Procedure Formulas in Inspirada, NV; How to Balance Air Flow & Pressure

Air balancing is important in improving air circulation and increasing energy efficiency. It’s also important in enhancing the overall performance of your HVAC system. For homeowners, air balancing means that the right amount of hot or cool air is sent to every room in your home and makes it a comfortable place to live.

DIY Air Balancing Tips

1. Check air filters. When filters are dirty it has a negative effect on air quality in your home. As debris builds up them, it decreases the efficiency of your furnace because reduced air flow can cause the heat exchange to overheat and turn off too quickly. Dirty filters are the number one reason that HVAC systems break down prematurely. Dirty air filters also increase energy costs because your system can’t run as efficiently as it once did.
2. Open or close your register. Your system has a damper blade that you can move. Moving it will restrict air flow into the room but if you close it completely, it can cause other issues in the system. When temperatures are warmer you can open the registers on the upper floors and partially close the registers on the lower floor(s). When temperatures are colder, you can reverse the process.
3. Try to adjust the thermostat. If you have two thermostats in your home, you can try the 2 degree off-set trick. Set the thermostat at a 2 degree difference for both thermostats. One could be set at 72 degrees and the other at 74. This might be enough to even out the temperatures in your home.
4. Window coverings can prevent heat. The windows in your home have a lot to do with the comfort level throughout the home. Without window coverings, rooms can become warmer more quickly and the thermostat won’t have time to turn on to provide relief. When temperatures are hot, about 76% of the sunlight that comes through windows becomes heat. Window coverings look great and can provide a level of comfort.
5. Place the thermostat fan setting to “ON”. Most systems have an On fan setting and an Auto fan setting. When the fan is set to “ON”, the fan will blow continuously to replace your indoor air and helps keep the air steady. The Auto setting allows the air to feel more stagnant. However, the On setting can increase your utility bill.
6. Eliminate air flow restrictions. It’s important to make sure the registers aren’t covered with furniture or any items that can restrict air flow. Vents are part of the system and work to provide a free flow of air. Your HVAC system will need to work harder when vents are blocked. You may need to rearrange furniture or use air deflectors to redirect the air flow and provide the right circulation.

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Air balancing is an important step in making sure your HVAC system produces comfort and operates efficiently. If you have any questions about air balancing, you can contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning.