How You May Be Overworking Your HVAC in Summerlin North, NV; Furnace Runs All the Time & More

During the winter we will use our furnaces to keep our home warm and comfortable. A furnace is a well-balanced machine and a lot went into their design to make sure they are both effective and efficient. When your furnace wears down fast or your bill is higher than normal, most people will put the blame on the furnace. However, many problems are born from overworking the furnace. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the different ways homeowners will sometimes overwork their furnace.

Furnace Runs All the Time

It is very inefficient to run a furnace all day long even when no one is at home. This is a common mistake. When a furnace runs all day, it adds to the hours the furnace must work. It is strongly encouraged for homeowners to adjust their thermostats during hours they are not at home. You never want to turn off the thermostat completely as it can also ruin the furnace to heat up a cold home. To help reduce the wear of the furnace you will want to turn down the temperature a few degrees when no one is at home and turn it back up. This simple adjustment helps reduce the amount of run time on the furnace and improves the furnace’s efficiency and longevity. One way to ensure the temperature is adjusted is to invest in a smart or programmable thermostat. Additionally, as a side note, make sure the thermostat is on the “Auto” setting and never on the “On” setting. The on setting will cause the fan of the furnace to run nonstop.

Allowing Cold Air Through Windows & Doors

Another common way many homeowners will overwork their furnace is allow cold air from outside to leak inside the home. Drafts or leaks are very common and will cause the indoor temperature to drop and remain unstable. When the temperature inside the home isn’t stable, the furnace will run more often. As a homeowner, you need to prevent drafts and leaks throughout the entire home. To prevent leaks check all windows, exterior doors, and the air ducts. You will want your home sealed up tight and make sure to stay on top of your home’s maintenance to help prevent drafts and cold air entering your home.

Closing, Covering or Blocking Air Vents is a Mistake

Unfortunately, a common problem that greatly overworks the heating and cooling system is when the air vents are closed or blocked. When the air vents are closed you will get hot and cold spots in the home. Additionally, the furnace will work harder and longer to attempt to balance the temperature inside your home. Many people will assume it helps improve their heating and or cooling efficiency to close the air vents. This is a major mistake and one that severely overworks the furnace. A similar problem occurs when the air vents are blocked. Some air vents may be low on the wall or on the floors. Make sure these lower air vents have plenty of space for the air to flow freely.

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For an effective and efficient furnace that lives out its entire life time, always avoid over working the furnace. Along with not overworking the furnace you will want to make sure it is tuned-up once and year and typically before the heating season. For quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning.