How Will You Know that the Furnace Flame Sensor is Faulty in Summerlin, NV?

There are many components to a furnace, and each part plays its own role in the overall operation of your home’s heating system. It can be amazing to see how even a small component can have a major impact on your furnace. One of these components is the furnace’s flame sensor. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share what the flame sensor does, and what problems they can develop.

Working Flame Sensor

A flame sensor is a fairly basic part of your system. It is a thin metallic rod that is located on the burner assembly. The rod is bent or positioned just in front of the pilot flame inside the furnace. When your thermostat relay signals to start a heating cycle, the gas valve opens, supplying gas to fire up the combustion chamber. The pilot or the ignitor will then light the burners. It is the flame sensor’s job to confirm that there is a flame present. Without the flame, gas will build up leading to a hazardous situation. The flame sensor is part of the furnace’s safety system. If the flame sensor doesn’t detect a flame, it will automatically shut down the heating cycle. However, there are times that the flame is present and the flame sensor is malfunctioning, forcing the furnace not to run. One of the most common problems with a flame sensor is that it gets dirty.

Dirty Flame Sensor

A flame sensor can on occasion be pushed out of place. However the most likely reason behind a malfunctioning flame sensor is when the flame sensor is dirty. A flame sensor can corrode or become covered in dirt. When the flame sensor’s metallic rod is dirty, it cannot detect the flame. The flame sensor is a very sensitive wire that needs to be kept clean. Due to the exposure to the flame, the sensor will collect carbon deposits and burnt dust. When this occurs, the flame sensor needs to be either replaced or cleaned.

What Happens when Flame Sensor is Dirty?

There are a few signs that your flame sensor is dirty. One of the most easy and obvious sign is to look at the flame sensor and see if it is dirty. If the flame sensor looks black, then it is covered in soot or carbon deposits. Another way to check the flame sensor is to see if the burner will light up. You can relight the burner and if the flame goes out within a few seconds, this is another classic sign the flame sensor isn’t working. Lastly, the flame sensor has a metallic rod that is set inside a porcelain casing. If the porcelain casing is cracked the entire flame sensor needs to be replaced.

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Replacing or cleaning a flame sensor is a fast and easy repair. However, it is encouraged that you seek a professional’s assistance. An HVAC technician can properly troubleshoot why your furnace isn’t running, and make sure the flame sensor is cleaned or replaced properly and safely. For heating and other HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.