How Weather & Humidity Affect Air Conditioning Systems in Las Vegas, NV; Indoor Air Quality, Thermostat Settings, AC Repairs & More

Weather can influence a number of things in our lives, including the HVAC system. If you have lived in an area for more than a few years, chances are that you have grown accustomed to the general year round weather conditions, but even then you may need reminders about the specifics. When you are new to the area, knowing what kind of weather you can expect throughout the year can help you in a plethora of ways regarding your HVAC system. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate the impact weather has on your HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality

The average American spends approximately 90% of time indoors. Now factor into that some places around the country where the indoor air is up to three times worse than the outdoor air. Staying inside may not be what is best for your lungs.
Pollen & Allergens. During the warmer months; pollen is more abundant, particularly during the spring, and for those that suffer from mild to severe allergies and asthma, these allergens that make their way into the HVAC system can be a challenge.
Mold & Mildew. The warm time of the year also promotes mold and mildew growth. Darkness, warmth, humidity, and a food source (dust will do) mold spores that are inside your outside the home that are introduced into the air system will take root and thrive. Add mold or mildew to the indoor air quality, those with respiratory issues find little relief.
Though the warmer months have a tendency to impact the indoor air quality the most, different circumstances, from pollutants, to allergens, and other contaminates bring down the indoor air throughout the year. With regular HVAC system maintenance, air filter changes, and even specialized equipment, you can significantly improve the indoor air. Knowing what weather conditions are for your area, which influences the circumstances surrounding the indoor air quality, can help you plan professional maintenance services as well as when to your own.

Thermostat Settings

With today’s technological advances, thermostats are Smart Thermostats, or at the least, programmable. Whether you are new to the area or a native, understanding the minor shifts in weather from month to month can help you generalize your thermostat settings, especially when you have dehumidifiers and humidifiers and other accessories for your HVAC system to create a well balanced home.

Energy Savings

The weather outside reflects the temperatures inside. If it is hot and dry, or cold and wet, you dress accordingly. Not only will setting the thermostat appropriately along with investing in energy efficient appliances help control the energy usage and conserve your bill, but dressing for the outside weather can help you better manage the settings inside. For example, in the fall when the temperatures range in the low 60s, simply wearing light weight long sleeves and pants can help you resist the urge from cranking the air.

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Don’t make your HVAC system work harder than it has to and require repairs more often than necessary otherwise. Keeping your HVAC system in optimal condition with semi annual maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections, provided by a professional, can ensure your system can keep up with the fluctuating weather conditions all year. If your system is in need of such services, contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today and let our experts ensure your HVAC system is up to par.